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I am not sure what has prompted this. But tomorrow is an anniversary of the 1937 七七蘆溝橋事變.



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I'm not even sure how to translate this.

中國領土釣魚台 - China (territory) fishing platform

不容侵犯 -- not easy to invade


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Maybe the right meaning is in here (from Taiwan MOE's dictionary)?


Other than that I can't find anything.

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Oooohhhh, that makes sense. I had just assumed that it would be 尖閣諸島 in Chinese too. I happened to be thinking about that earlier, too...

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hehe, it's amazing what you learn when you make a fool of yourself....

And I learned another new word, 群岛. Pretty obvious meaning C->E.

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Yes, and now that I've looked at the map, it seems to me that 台 here is short for Taiwan, and it's 釣魚+台群島. That is, a collection of islands off the coast (more or less) of Taiwan where fishing occurs. Does that look right?

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The names of islands do not necessarily include any character meaning island; for example, two islands of Macau are customarily called 氹仔 and 路環。I suppose you can use 釣魚台島、氹仔島 or 路環島 to emphasize their island nature but the shorter names are more commonly used.

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