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Two pictures taken yesterday near my home. They are very simple, but Mandarin speakers might not be able to underatand them immediately.

Then another one taken in Causeway Bay. It was a protest. See if you can read what is on the yellow banner.



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I think it's easy to understand.

全記--記 is also used in north of China,for example 馬記牛肉麵.

上門修理疏化-上门修理疏通 only the last phrase is different, but since it's written in that staff, I can immediately understand its purpose.

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That's what I thought as well.

Since the photos are from Hong Kong and the pronunciation would be in Cantonese.

And has that whole "h" to "f" thing going on.

Hua vs. fa.

Both transliterations for sofa.


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Well it's been 3 weeks and it doesn't look like anyone's going to tackle the yellow banner so I guess I'll have a crack at it.

The image isn't the clearest of images and I can only make out the last 5 characters and just barely.

It kind of looks like "停國民教育".

Though I'm only sure of the "民" and "育".

What looks like the "教" character, depending on the angle I view it, could also be the character for "congee". But that wouldn't make any sense.

And the news out of Hong Kong lately has been on the patriotic education debate.

So it must be "國" meaning "nation" or "national".

I recognize the "停" character from the discussion on the second round of character simplification.

With what I've got I input it into the trusty old Google Image search engine and what do I get?


A whole mess of porn. :)

No, I actually get a few clearer images of similar banners to the one found in the original post.





It seems that parents want the right to breast feed their babies in public or some such nonsense. :)


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Sorry for the double image.

I made a boo boo in posting the same link twice.

Then tried edit but ended up not deleting the duplicate and don't feel like going through the edit hassle again.

I'm on a netbook and really difficult to navigate using the touchpad.


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It seems that parents want the right to breast feed their babies in public or some such nonsense. :)


It is not about breast-feeding. And it is not nonsense. 喝停 = 喝止.

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