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I had not noticed these plaques until today. I think some of the translated names are great, especially 沈弼 (Sandberg), 唐信 (Thompson), 浦偉士 (Purves) and 費樂怡 (Farrell). Sandberg and Purves were Taipans.

PS - 尤德 (Youde) is also pretty good.



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Yeah they're great. I wanted to see how Duffy was translated but couldn't read the second character (戴??).

They've done an excellent job with those translations. We (Mandarin House) were at the Expat Job Fair in Shanghai last week. We helped about 400 expats with their Chinese names, it's tough to get an appropriate translation.

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In the science building at CCSF, all the professors names are transliterated into Chinese characters because there are so many Chinese students.


Next time I'm there and if I remember, I'll take a few pics and post them. :D

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I really like these types of name translations. Pity we don't get them these days anymore, perhaps just rarely, if not never... Nowadays with Romanization systems, they just use those, instead of making them sound Western...

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