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Give us this day our daily bread




I took this photo at La Sagrada Familia in Barcelona yesterday, for the Chinese characters in the picture.



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First, the sentence does not make sense. I don't pronounce the words when I read in Chinese, so I hadn't realised there is a typo in the sentence until I googled it : it should be 賞, not 上.

Second, I think all versions of the bible used by most people are translation. As long as the translation is correct, I don't see any issue.

I know the prayer very very well as I said it almost every day when I was a kid. But the words in my version are different (mine was an Anglican Church 聖公會 school).

Sagrada Familia is very beautiful. I was so glad that the church (inside) had been completed. I had visited it twice before when the inside still looked like a construction site.

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Sorry about the typo. Easy to see I'm still in elementary.

Sorry,I was just pointing out that this is the way it's said in Catholic masses. I would probably be better off minding my own business though. :)

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