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From Nara - 咬人。踢人。頂人。衝撞人。



They are the inappropriate/ wild behaviours of the sacred deers in Nara. I found the notice very amusing and laughed out loud when I first saw it.

The other one was taken in Himeji. The pattern was on an advertising banner. I thought it was romantic.


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Haha. I just saw a girl crying 沒有 (food) as she was surrounded by aggressive looking deers.

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And I have just come across a deer chewing a tourist leaflet. HK tourists found it funny and took pictures of/ with it. A Japanese tour guide (who speaks Spanish) tried to pull that leaflet out of the mouth of the deer but the deer was determined to eat it. It looked quite dangerous as the deer is quite big and has fully grown beautiful horns. The deer won at last.

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