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edX Basic Mandarin Level 2- Lesson3



Lesson 3 took us to a shop selling many daily items. Things like shampoo, soap, towels, tooth brushes, toothpaste "daily necessities" . The vocabulary was mainly names of this type of item and how to compare prices.

The grammar points were:

1) 跟 gēn - with - usually used before the companion you would do something with.

2) 比较 - bǐjiào - more, like adding er to a word. It is a Implicit Comparison - 今天比较热 - Today is hotter.

3) 差不多 - chàbùduō - almost the same- if you do a literal translation it makes good sense "lacking not much" there is not much between them.

4) 对。。。。来说 - duì.....láishuō - As far as.......is concerned. Fairly straight forward but as always use is slightly different usage than you might expect. As for me, breakfast in that place is too expensive. 对我来说。。。。。

Estella and Ben go to a store to buy "daily necessities" and find some shampoo on sale which makes it a bargain and choose between 2 brands of facial cleaner. The toothbrush is also a bargain as it is on sale too.

We then learn how to ask for telephone numbers and how to arrange to go shopping tomorrow for some clothes. They decide to go to the night market tomorrow evening.

The Prollster question was "What was the last lie you told" well my reply was I don't lie. :)

I got 100% on the Quiz again this week so I am pleased.

Doing these little summaries helps me consolidate the lesson in my head, so it helps me and I hope it is interesting to others.

Look out for Lesson 4 summary soon.


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