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Maximizing the limited time I have.

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I wish that I could be learning Chinese full time without having to feel guilty, which happens when I have other obligations to take care of.

Unfortunately, that's not the case now. So I need to limit my time while shooting for the maximum possible result.

To that end, I limit myself to learning 50 new cards and reviewing 100 old cards on Anki.

When the new cards run out, I open up the script in Chinese Text Analyser and start identifying all the new words in the next episode.

This process usually takes around one hour. I have covered the first 7 episodes so far and it looks like there are 200 new words on average from each episode.

I am selectively choosing the new words as I have always been doing because I don't see myself using super professional vocabulary in the near future.


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I've just installed Anki on my phone and still trying to figure it out! I wish I could learn Chinese full time as well. But because of work and other responsibilities, I have decided to give my Saturdays to Mandarin classes and weeknights to Chinese TV shows or movies, as much as possible. This has been helping me learn and pick up some words in Chinese. I am very bad with pronunciation but hopefully, soon, it will change!

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