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Souvenir What?



From a local shop.

1) What World Cup memorabilia is on sale?

2) Which character did I misread as 罩 when first walking past and what did I think was for sale as a consequence?

3) For extra credit, figure out what a 米米卡 is. I have no idea.


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Haha, when I first saw this picture I aslo misread it as 罩, 米米卡 is a card for charging "摩尔庄园", a chinese virtual community for children, this shop must sell cute things for children, :Pare you also a child?

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Again, had to cheat by looking up some words . . .

1. They are selling World Cup badges, 34 in a set. 2. You misread "章", and had your hopes up for buying a cage? A bamboo fish trap? 3. Not sure. I looked up "摩尔庄园" in my dictionary but only found "摩尔多瓦共和国“ (The Republic of Moldavia). I wonder if they have mimi cards there.

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2. Filthy mind! You thought it was a

胸罩 (bra)

[That would be pretty cool, though!]

BTW, what is a 收藏版 ? Are they saying they have received in stock a special edition of something?

Regarding dictionary lookups, my take on this game is that if you don't need to look up words, you are already too advanced for it....

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收藏 is to collect, so it's collector's edition.

Just had a quick walk up and down the street, we now have adequate Signese resources for next week.

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