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edX Mandarin level 3 Lesson 5



Welcome to Lesson 5, this week Pipe asks Ben to help him choose a phone and service provider.


Pipe asks Ben if he is busy 有事later, Ben says no he doesn't have anything to do later. Pipe tells him he is looking for a phone but doesn't know which telecommunications company 电信公司 to choose 选. Ben is surprised Pipe still doesn't have a phone. Ben asks him if he prefers Apple 苹果 or Android 安卓. Pipe says that as long as he can make calls 电话, use Facebook 脸书and play games 玩游戏 then it is good enough. Ben says he uses Taihua Telecom 台华电信, they should go there first and have a look. Pipe agrees and asks if it is really far away. No, says Ben, there is a branch 分店 straight ahead. Come with me.


In the store they are welcomed 欢迎光临 by a store assistant. Pipe says he wants to buy a cell phone. The shop assistant tells him they just happen to be having a sales promotion 促销 this month that is very favourable 优惠 for the customer. As long as you sign 签 a 2 year contract 合约, you can have unlimited 无限制地calls and internet access 上网. You can also choose from the latest models.新型机型

Pipe grabs the newest model, The shop assistant tells him that it is usually 通常20,000NT, but right now you need only pay 付 999NT per month and then you can take the phone home for free.免费 Pipe likes the phone and wants to know if he can select the number 号码? Of course replies the shop assistant. Pipe thinks this is very convenient and wants to get started.


The supplementary vocabulary had more useful words to do with cellphones and getting a contract.


There 4 Grammar points this lesson:


1) This ........就够了 literally means "it's enough"


2)一点都/也不 means "not at all" it suggests strong negation.


3) 只要。。。。。就   as long as....."the condition is met"    the consequence follows.


4)才   a given action or certain amount should be met before it is ok to proceed to the next step.


Once again I did the quiz in time and got 100%. I will being doing the review for lesson 6 soon which is the last lesson for this course.




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Did you think so, I thought it was about the same. Maybe it was just because you had learnt it well:P How did you do overall? I hope you did well.

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Yes its true but if you retry and are just guessing it is only yourself that will suffer. I try not to use more than 2 retries. sometimes 3 but any more is not like a test at all, its just a question of picking different answers till you get it right.


In my university course there were no retries. I didn't do too badly, I passed both my chinese exams. this was at level 2b. Not sure what that equates to in HSK.

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