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Signese Revival 20




One fairly random photo of Chinese characters in action, per week, until sometime in 2018. And perhaps longer if I'm encouraged. Those who want to contribute their own random photos of Chinese characters are welcome, just get in touch and I'll add you to the contributor list so you can post directly, from computer or phone.


This was by Soong Ching Ling's old residence, part of which I think doubled up as barracks, perhaps guarding various high-ranking locals.

signese revival (20).jpg


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Was there thirty years ago, about five years after her death. No signs of army barracks then, but certainly a sense that this had once been a very highly guarded place, especially during the Cultural Revolution.


Fascinating to see the comfortable existence she enjoyed, particularly by contrast to the China of the time right outside those big gates.


Most memorable were the pigeon cages out back. Apparently she was quite fond of pigeons. Though not in a pet sort of way.


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