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Signese Revival 34



One fairly random photo of Chinese characters in action, per week, until sometime in 2018. And perhaps longer if I'm encouraged. Those who want to contribute their own random photos of Chinese characters are welcome, just get in touch and I'll add you to the contributor list so you can post directly, from computer or phone.


Think this was a contribution from @zhwj. Note extra-simplified character. 

signese revival (34).jpg


Recommended Comments

I remember taking a picture of an almost identical sign because of the simplified 停.  I posted it on Wechat saying something like "look at this schoolboy that can't even write 停 properly" and people just responded saying "no, that's a fairly legitimate way of simplified writing for that character".

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It's not legitimate in one sense: in school a student would get marked down for using it. But it is legitimate in the sense it's common and understood.


仃 was actually the replacement for 停 in the aborted second round of character simplification.

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