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Cangjie Status Update




The past two weeks have been slow and steady with respect to my Cangjie progress.  While it helps to work through practice exercises physically at the keyboard, I am finding that the best way to remember secondary symbols is to just use Anki and work through the memorization using a brute-force methodology.


Interestingly, I find myself double-guessing sometimes, particularly with secondary signs that fall under 尸 or 心 primary symbol keys. When I look at the secondary symbol very carefully, and then look at the primary symbol, I eventually see the reason for its categorization. It is interesting how the brain can be drawn to certain areas first, and if one doesn't look carefully, one miss the fine details.


I think in a couple more days I should be in good shape to move onto the third part of learning, which is learning how to decompose more complex characters into primary and second symbols. Perhaps this will be the hardest aspect, and I suspect it will require making lots of mistakes, checking the actual Cangjie code, and then doing it all over again. The first two steps have been finger "muscle" memory, but this third part is going to be more about training the eye.


On a more positive note, I did get a character input into a dictionary tool without knowing the pronunciation the other day. It was a great feeling, and makes all of this work more worthwhile in my mind.



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