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Toilet Etiquette



In some places this kind of thing could get you into a lot of trouble.




So, what do we think of the calligraphy on show here?


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Warmly welcome @somethingfunny to the ranks of Signese contributors!


Given what happens a few characters in to the third line, I'm assuming the writer is just copying the characters from somewhere, which means the rest are actually pretty decent. 

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Well, there's the thing.  You'd think that perhaps they didn't know what they were doing, but I actually took this photo in Japan, which made me even more confused by what happened a few characters into the third line (hence the photograph).  I was also a bit thrown by the 三点水 in 冲 but figured it to be a legitimate variant, as I know that sometimes happens.

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1 hour ago, somethingfunny said:

I actually took this photo in Japan

No wonder...

*清=>請, both can be read 'sei'.

*扱=>扔, Japanese does not have 扔, meanwhile 扱 is a common kanji that means 'handle'.

?入=>進, 入 feels like 古文.

沖 is the Japanese equivalent for 冲, e.g. 沖縄 Okinawa.


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Aha!  That's actually two characters between 要 and 垃圾!  Even if the first of those is supposed to be 扱, they've still missed a stroke.


Very suspicious.

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