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Nothing like a good hotpot for Christmas




Which one would you choose?





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2 hours ago, Xiao Kui said:

how do they fit the whole cow in the pot? The dog is more believable!


It's a very big pot, one might actually call it a cauldron. It's suspended over an open fire outside by means of a strong tripod hewed from the trunks of local trees. The natives circle around in their loincloths chanting and gesturing with their spears. No, wait! That's the wrong cultural stereotype. 

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Digression -- Everyone probably has a dog meat story. This is mine.


The first time I had dog meat was early 2007, soon after arriving in Kunming. Late one night after concluding some nefarious business, I wandered out on the street to head home. Realized I was very hungry, but everyplace I looked was shut for the night. Saw a bright light and a few people milling around the open front of a tiny rough café set back in an alley.


With limited beginner Chinese I managed to order one bowl of whatever was on offer. There seemed to be no selection. It was a steaming bowl of noodles, laced with meat, and really hit the spot. Afterwards I asked the guy who was collecting the money what kind of meat it was. Could not understand his answer. In response to my puzzled look, he proceeded to bark, "bow wow."


Someone nearby laughed and pointed to a table in the open cooking area. It had a couple of gray carcasses on top. They were large, and looked to have been boiled. One was whole and one was cut in quarters. Cook would slice off some meat to put with the noodles as needed to fill each order.


 I never went back. Think of it as "survival food."  

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