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Safety slogan




Having no access to the signese company car :P I wandered on foot today and saw this banner on a reclamation site. I like the slogan, but really it is the Chinese name of the company that I found most interesting (just that I had not heard of it before).



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Apparently, due to the software upgrade of the site, there isn't enough money left in the budget for a HK company car. But you can borrow my skateboard if you get tired of walking. :D

Is this the gist of the slogan?

Safety is the result of attentiveness. Accidents are the result of carelessness.

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Sorry, I'm missing the interest in the Chinese name. Maybe it's because I can't read it correctly? I'm getting 法國地基建築公司; am I even close? I guess it is strange having "France" in there.

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