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Complete Vancler




As promised earlier in the week, here's the 韩寒 advert for Vancl. Your quiz:

1) What is 大排挡?

2) Which of the two adverts is the more nauseating?

3) Are you looking forward to the excellent supermarket ad I've got lined up for early next week?



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Here's my guess:

1. Foodstalls. 2. Haven't decided. 3. Yes.

I'm wondering if this is an accurate translation of the ad:

( I ) love the internet, love freedom,

love getting up late, love (going to) night markets (to eat at food stalls),

love race cars, also love 29 RMB T-shirts,

I'm not some flag-bearer*,

I'm not anyone's spokesperson,

I'm Han Han,

I only express myself. Me and you are the same,

I'm Vancl.

*Not sure how this translates. What's another meaning for 旗手? And what's the correct translation of 不是什么?

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I'd translate 旗手 qishou as the more common English term "standard bearer," and make the whole phrase something like "I'm not a standard bearer for anything."

(A "spoiler" button in the Edit Panel would be nice.)

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2) Which of the two adverts is the more nauseating?

It has to be 韩寒, for having the nerve to say 不是谁的代言 etc in a paid advertisement.

Do you think there is any chance I could pick up a Vancl T-shirt for under 30RMB?

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