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Restaurant Menu: Guiyang 2011




This place was a pretty basic operation.  The 老板 saw me taking a photo of their wall menu (with a camera! not a smartphone) and told me to hang on a minute while he went in the back to fish out one of these.


You kind of get the feeling they made the table and then just came up with dishes until it was filled up.




If only I knew then what I know now... I'd be all over the 折耳根炒腊肉



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Excellent 889!  Two of my absolute favourites, and definitely local specialties - I don't anyone outside Guizhou would know what 怪噜饭 is.


I used to get 脆哨粉 which is a variant of the very popular local 酸粉.  The 脆哨 refers to the crispy-brittle bits of meat added to the dish.


怪噜饭 I used to get from roadside vendors late at night (I'd probably had a beer or two, so the thought of what they were using - especially the oil - didn't trouble me too much) and as far as I could grasp, this was basically fried rice with everything added.  The particularly noticeable additions being a type of bean and the aforementioned 折耳根.

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On 12/6/2017 at 10:36 PM, somethingfunny said:

The 脆哨 refers to the crispy-brittle bits of meat added to the dish.


These are also called 香酥, often crispy fried pig skin, small bits of it. A popular addition in noodle places here. These snaps are from lunch yesterday. An extra helping of the crispy toppings costs 8 Yuan. (Far right menu board.) It was a 卤鸡 shop (chicken.)





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I kind of feel like they could replace all that 中医 stuff under 吃卤鸡的好处 with 非常好吃 and it would be just as useful.


You've got me thinking now abcdefg about another type of deep fried meat that I used to get at hot pot places.  You wouldn't necessarily put it in the pot, but would just eat it on the side.  It was absolutely delicious, but fantastically unhealthy.  I'd always want to order a second (or third) plate, but all the females diners wouldn't be so keen.


If I think of it, I'll come back.

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