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Week 10/11 - 好好儿读问题!



Over the last 2 weeks I had my reading/writing midterm, and then next Friday is the last of my 3 comprehensive midterms, and this one will cover the whole book we have been studying, rather than just one of the 3 units.  My reading/writing midterm went great, apart from one really stupid mistake on my part.  I misread the question and thought we just had to give the pinyin for the characters listed below, but we were also meant to make words.  Unfortunately that mistake cost me 10 easy marks, but I still managed to get an 88% so it's not the end of the world.  A couple of other students made the same mistake as we just assumed the question was the same as we cover each week in our book.  Well, we all know what they say about assumption!


One of our teachers frequently encourages us to get to know each other better, which makes sense, and so this weekend I invited pretty much all the students from my year over.  We had a blast, there were 14 not including us, all crammed into my our apartment, and each made food from their own nation.  Thai, Korean, English and Russian food!  I felt like it opened the way for more relationships, because we were basically forced to use our Chinese to communicate, rather than in class where each nation uses their own language.  If nothing else it was at least good speaking practice!


In class at the moment we are basically just continuing to slog through our books.  Listening is pretty mind-numbing, comprehensive class is the most fun.  We have covered a selection of grammar, including where to put nouns when you are dealing with the number of times something has happened, how to use 从来,the use of 地,要是...就, and a couple of other points that have slipped my mind!  I do have a test to photo and upload, but I've gone and left it in the classroom, so it will have to wait until next time! 

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Sounds like you really are enjoying yourself... Not jealous at all.. 

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