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Movie on Boxing Day




This is the ticket of the film I saw on Boxing Day last year.

1) What movie did I see?

2) Who sold me the ticket?

3) Where was the cinema?



Recommended Comments

1) Sherlock Holmes

2) The person with the greatest name on the planet: Wonderful Kao

3) Taipei

We are supposed to respond to these with our answers, right?

[Edit] Nevermind, saw some that used the spoiler tags. How convenient!

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Do we know for sure it was in

Taibei, or just that it was paid for in Taiwan dollars? I know the ticket says 台北信義

but I can't figure out if that is just the company address or where the theatre is located?

Also, what does 全票 mean? That you get to buy the entire ticket?

At first I thought you saw the movie on Christmas Day instead, but then I realized that was the day you bought the ticket. That would have been a good question too.

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It's the only location I can find, though.

I found 全票 defined as 一般成年人所使用而沒有任何優待的票,稱為「全票」。at the 國語辭典. At Baidu it's "[full-price ticket]∶全价的车票、门票等."

I was confused by the dates, because 1) I don't (didn't) know when Boxer Day is, and 2) it looks (looked) like the date of the movie was the 20th. The staple confused me.

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Not sure about the whole Taiwan. But for this cinema I think basically it is an all Chinese system. It is understandable to present both the film's name and the ticket type in both English and Chinese, considering that Taipei is "cosmopolitan" to a certain extent and that so many foreign films are shown there. And perhaps the clerk can choose how to show his/her name on the ticket.

IIRC film tickets in HK are all bilingual.

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Oh, I see. Bilingualism is understandable especially in HK, but I just thought it could have been done a bit better in this case (like "成人票价" instead of "Adult票价"). :P

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but I just thought it could have been done a bit better in this case (like "成人票价" instead of "Adult票价").

No. It should be read this way: 【票種:全票 ADULT】 【票價:NT$290】

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This translation has been in use for a long time (at least since I was a kid). It is quite standard, really. Many people (including me) wonder why it is like this and one theory is that the original translator was from Fujian where the local dialect does not distinguish "H" and "F". Take a look -> http://www.joema.cn/read.php/321.htm

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