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New eyes - Renewed enthusiasm




Hello everyone,

It has been a while since I last updated my blog. There were a couple of reasons for this - My eyes:shock:


My vision was deteriorating quite a lot and last November the decision was taken to under go cataract surgery. As this was in the UK and on the NHS the wheels grind (no complaints it just the way it is) and eventually I now have 2 new lenses and can see better than I have been able to for many years. I found it was becoming increasingly frustrating trying to read characters with bad eyes and magnifying glasses are a pain, hard to scan pages with one.


I am still in recovery, it is only the third day after my second eye so slowly slowly does it. 


My intention is to return and update my blog with my new learning schedule and updates as to my successes and failures and hopefully help myself and others to progress with learning Chinese.


Just wanted to update anyone who was interested that my hiatus from learning is now turning slowly into a return to learning.



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New eyes!  That's amazing.


As a diabetic my eyesight has been deteriorating over the last couple of years and I almost got to the magnifying glass stage for Hanzi... in my books they always seem to be just slightly too small.

Heal well and all the best for your new enthusiastic studies! 😎

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@abcdefg thank you, I am very happy. I am amazed at how good it is.:shock:


@mungouk I am sorry to hear that. Not familiar with the eye problems associated with diabetes, although I am aware of them. I have a friend who lost the sight in one eye through diabetes but they operated to save his sight but said he had left it too long so I don't know what was going on there, but maybe a warning to get sorted asap? Hope it goes well.


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Congratulations, Shelley. I had it done on one eye on the NHS last year - the other eye is OK. I can now read with my right eye and see in the distance with my left eye. I have to think about it when I use my camera, because I used to rely on my right eye. I have been spared reading glasses for the time being. 

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@Zeppa Good stuff, I was offered the option of one eye for distance and one for reading but I decided that was too weird, my eyes are so bad even without the cataracts that it would be a huge difference. I know someone who did it and she is very happy but its not for me.


Great to hear it @mungouk

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That's interesting - I had no choice but it works well for me. My problem was that they did not believe I can read without glasses, because I had bifocals with a distance part and a very weak near part, so they did not hear my complaint about hoping not to have reading glasses. I am so used to reading without glasses. And the thing about reading glasses is not using them, but people have to keep taking them on and off when you talk to them and show them something. If my other eye is ever done, that will be me. But the NHS here did not even offer me the two-different-eyes option.

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Today was the last post op exam and I have been given the all clear. So its full steam ahead.


It was really nice to read without straining but the biggest difference was my writing, it was neat, small and what I had been striving for. When I say small I mean it fits between the lines and characters made of two halves or more parts look like they are one character instead of two or 3 bits floating around near each other.

It has all become a joy again. 

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