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Week 8/9 - 还是期中考试!



Tomorrow I have my general survey and reading midterms, and then that's it.  My other midterms seemed to go ok. 


I got a 97 on my 综合, and it was a fairly straightforward exam.  The first section we were given 20 words, and we had to provide another word to match with it.  For example, we would be given something like 寂寞, and then have to think of an appropriate match, like 感觉。Sometimes it was in front, other times behind.  The next section was completing sentences.  We were given half a sentence, and then some kind of grammar structure in brackets, and we had make up part of the sentence with it.  The one I messed up here was 何苦,as I'd never heard it before.  In hindsight I gave a really dumb answer, as I treated it as a noun, rather than assuming it was some sort of grammar structure like the rest.  Then was a section on rearranging sentences, in which we were given a set of jumbled words which we had to rearrange to form the correct sentence.  Although I got them all correct, this is my biggest struggle.  Then a section where we had sentences and a choice of two words to fill in the blank.  The words were always similar in meaning, or the same meaning but different uses - 遗憾/可惜,忽然/突然 etc.  Then finally a 200 character + written thing.  Title was 我的爱好,so not particularly difficult.


写作 I got a 96, also not too difficult.  There was a section in which we had to give opposites, a couple of passages with true/false questions, another section which I have forgotten, and then a written piece at the end.  The title was something like 爱上汉语。 


听力 was a collection of HSK 5/6 questions.  I got an 87, which I'm not overly pleased with, but is about what I expected.  Getting all of my tones spot on when I speak in the hardest thing for me, but I find speaking in general to be much easier than listening.  This is an area I need to keep practicing in, but fortunately it's one of the easier areas to actually get good practice in, what with being in China and doing a degree in Chinese and all that!


汉字学 was fine.  Haven't got any results yet, but it was an open book exam so I'll be disappointed if I didn't do well! 


Next week I also have a brief 'presentation' to give, which was again a choice of topics.  I have chosen to 谈谈我现在的学习情况,and there are 3 sentence constructs that I have to have in there at some point.  Really working on getting my pronunciation correct.  There is no powerpoint to look at this time, and I feel that the more I try to just speak fluently and go with the flow, the worse my tones get.  It's really a shame because I feel so much more comfortable just going with the flow as I would in English. 


Until next time!


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