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Learn Chinese in China

Chicago Chinese Meetup

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Chinese Study Group: Plan for December meeting



  • Announcements
    • Thank you for the pens! (hopefully)
    • We encourage you to sign up for events on Meetup.com
    • This meetup is somewhat experimental, some experiments will be more successful than others
    • Last month's activity was probably too hard, will focus more on production activities
    • Any specific feedback on previous months’ activities?
    • Would someone else like to try taking notes?
    • I think we need to change the location to somewhere with guest WiFi
      • Rockwell's Neighborhood Grill is closest, but table might be a bit small
      • The Grafton might have more seating, but is louder and parking might be worse
    • We welcome feedback!
      • Comments to blog posts are fine
      • Private messages through Meetup.com or WeChat work as well
  • Review of last month's meeting
  • Introductions at 1:30 pm
  • Q&A
  • Introduce WeChat
  • GIF poems activity
    • Everyone pick a noun or verb (perhaps related to season or what you’ve done today)
    • Use that word to search for related GIF images
    • Use the GIF image as the basis for a simple poem (30 minutes)
      • Poem does not need to include your key word
      • Focus on the vocabulary you know
      • Use your dictionary
      • Ask for help
      • See example below
    • Everyone shares their poem (30 minutes)
      • Corrections
      • Suggestions
  • Play a round of Werewords if there's time
  • Share your recommendations! (Chinese- or China-related content)
  • Optional Mandarin corner for 15-30 minutes











Notes for future reference:

  1. wechat in chinese
  2. webcomics (pair up)
  3. dictation (google translate)
  4. translation (poem, song, dialogue)
  5. partial verses
  6. interview
  7. art museum
  8. madlibs
  9. text adventure