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I'll call this

On Bike, On Foot

10 Do's, 10 Don't's

and provide just the Do's.

Do ride to the side of the road.

Do hand signal before changing lane or direction.

Do look carefully before jaywalking.

Do obey traffic signals.

Do ride single file.

Do yield to oncoming and passing traffic.

Do cross the road at pedestrian crossings.

Do behave yourselves, students, when walking together.

Do look after children out on the street.

Do keep traffic laws in mind.

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There are 11 要s

And also I think it spoils the fun if you make it simple. The 5th line for example should be translated:

While on the road ride in single file, do not laugh and joke or ride in large groups

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But then you lose the 要不要 / do's and don't's parallel.

So make it:

DO cycle single file; DON'T horse around or cycle side-by-side.

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