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Stop Drifting Today




Car Park at Yu Long River 遇龙河 near Yangshuo 阳朔, Guangxi.





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On 8/18/2019 at 7:31 AM, 大块头 said:

What, exactly, do they mean by 漂 here? Did they maybe mean 票 instead ("There are no tickets for sale today.")?

That blue board reads 'In coming visiters please be noted, today the kayaking section is closed'

漂 here takes its meaning of 'movement' combine with the local 'situation' means : kayaking

So it is dirfting alone the river, it is a correct term in Chinese for kayaking.

Both 漂移 (Drifting with an automobile) and 漂流(drifting with a kayake or a small boat) can take the short term of just '漂', but it has to be in such situation, cos most of the time it will mean 'floating' (which i'm sure you will get why it means kayaking here right? XD floating on river and drifting by it)


P.S. but of course there is the other two common use for 漂 as it often means bleaching (as 漂白=bleaching into white--[as for cloth and paper making and food making industry], 漂黑=bleaching into black--[as middle age people sometimes like to dye their gray hair back to youth colour], etc.) When combine with '亮(shining)' as 漂亮 then it means 'beautiful' or 'great job (someone did something beautifully well)'.


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