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Challenge #7: Activate your insect’s antennae



Use the translated English lyrics below to find the title and artist of the song. Bonus points for providing a video or audio link. A short audio clip is provided as an additional hint, should you need it.

Clouds, just like wandering minstrels
Singing the wind’s song, spitting the rain’s saliva
Birds, forgot how to fly
Anyway, being in a cage isn’t tiring, can sleep soundly

Turn off cell phone, activate insect’s antennae
Let us perceive this world

Right now, close your friend feed
Close your eyes, and your mouth
Ears, can probe orientation
Let us slowly search for the distant place

Reindeer eats that lichen ah
It can’t come out of the forest ah

Information overload is like carbon in the air
Are you engaging too many senses?
Invite “Silence” on a date
Use insect’s antennae to chat with her

The ink on the page is deeper than that on a page
The music on a live stage is more real than that from earphones
After we meet in person, give me your time, ok?
After returning home, let’s keep our heads low, keep in touch

Use insect’s antennae to look far afield
Use insect’s antennae to perceive this world, ok? Heh heh.



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