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轻课 An creative business model of online course in Chinese educational industry   

Enjune Zhang



轻课 An creative business model of online course in Chinese educational industry   



Entity training agency like New Oriental teaching English is nothing new in China, online education course is on the rise. Lately, I find one promising a 100% refund after full time learning. It's amazing, for both the operator and customers. But how could they earn money if the students paying for the courses will get all the money back after they finish the learning tasks on time as required?         

在中国,像新东方那样的实体培训机构已没什么好稀奇,网上教程如今正异军突起。最近,发现了一个承诺学够学时便全额退款的网课运营商。 这无论对经营者还是客户,都是大写的惊喜。 如果按要求按时完成学业的学生都可以在课程结束后取得全额退款,那么这种网课经营模式是怎样获利的呢?


People signing up for the courses pay via Wechat and get the entry of the class. The courses take them 90-120 days or more to finish, and they need to guarantee an everyday visit up to required period to get the scholarship, with the same amount as the original payment, returning to customers' account 10 days after the end of the whole courses.   



It amounts to a collection of money from the mass to earn money by the money kept by the operator for a period of time. Both parties are making temporary investment. The operator could lend the money to someone else to get the interests while the customers offer the money to get access to courses in limited time, a temporary investment of money to get knowledge, the influence of which could be permanent. That's about mutual benefit.                                                



Such a mode concerning incentive system does the customers good, too. It encourages the learners to learn and have the money back. Sometimes we don't have to own something to make profit or benefit from it. It is enough that we apply it and make the most out of it as a passerby.



Maybe we would leave the book purchased years ago sleeping with dust covered without turning a page or two, but we may probably be busy finishing those we borrow from the library with a specific time limit. That's it, we are born to be urged and motivated by the deadline, by the sense of urgency that something will be taken away from us, or we would rather lie idly than keep the ball rolling. This kind of business model does us a favor by limiting what we have to here and now in a creative way.                                                                         



Be aware of the man reading just a single book, since he makes it focusing on the limited resources. In an era with information flooding in, it is not difficult to gather a bunch of materials and swear that we would get them conquered. It is just a matter of when. Attention is precious compared with the resources handily available everywhere.



And it is true that attention is simply wasted away during the hasty skip from resource to resource. Therefore, the goal we promise to ourselves is mere an empty vision without a due date. It will be news for the nowaday procrastinators, dragging them out of the embarrassment where they keep claiming that they will do it but rewriting the deadline.     




P.S. This is not an advertisement but an objective analysis for a business model active via Wechact recently, another brand new operation based on win-win situation between the company and the customers.



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