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高尚 Nobility

Enjune Zhang






Original by 薛之谦

Translated and presented by Enjune Zhang


在阴郁的地方 积攒能量

Energy's heaping up

In somewhere doom and gloom

人交出了什么 能变个样

How much does it take

To make it bloom

奇形怪状 的人在生长

Fully grown are people in various costume

我躲在人群中 头在晃

Dodged in the crowd

Shaking my head

I have no room


When you puncture my heart

样本不算肮脏 别恐慌

Not dirty nor filthy

Don't be scared


You look me straight into my vanity


How would you make it up

我多高尚 向自尊开了枪


I put a bullet in my dignity

你同情的眼光 我特别的欣赏

Your look in sympathy

How much I appreciate it


Grief within the limits

我多慌张 怕人闯入我围墙

How panic I am

For fear that you break into my fence

窥探五官不详 见我原本模样

There is no telling of your face

Nor my original appearance

还能 模仿 任何形状

I am available

To be formed in any shape

越恶劣的情况 越要想象

Right in the goddamn cage

I need to imagine high

狼藏起反犬旁 像从了良

Wolf seems to be mild

When it put the claws behind

张牙舞爪 的人在散谎

Show you their teeth

People are good at lies

愿形容我的词  别太荒唐

Wish that the word they describe me

Is not absurdly applied

贪念表现恰当 就像索要嫁妆 在情理上

Claim it as a demand of dowry

A appropriate reflection of greedy mind

请当我孤芳自赏 还规矩条条框框

No more constraint or limit

I just want it done in the way I admire

我多高尚 向自尊开了枪


I put a bullet in my dignity

你异样的眼光 我特别的欣赏

Your look in difference

How much I appreciate it


Hard to forget it

我多风光 你别闯入我围墙

How stunning I am

Please leave me alone in my fence

你要什么真相 不就图个皮囊

How much more truth you want from me

Beside the flesh like this

不如 让我 留在橱窗

I would rather you

Pass me by and let me be

我多难忘 像秀色可餐的模样


You beautiful feast to my eyes

感谢你又打赏 你用词越恰当

Thank you for your tips

And the wording decently proper


It makes me flattered

我的疯狂 连我自己都看不上

My madness

I even look down upon it myself

阴里怪气的愿望 那屈辱的轻伤

The freaky wish inside

The disgrace wound slight

谁能给我 发个奖章

Who would grant me a medal

Far from deny

我多向往 有个美丽的地方

How I'm longing for

Somewhere beautiful and bright

我最初的模样 没痛也不会痒

The original appearance of mine

There is no more pain nor sigh

能把赏赐 都烧光

Burn out all the things you grant in fire




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