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Read half of the books in Chinese book shop for free

Enjune Zhang



Read half of the books in Chinese book shop for free

You are just an app away from an opportunity to read over 50% of books published by various Chinese publishing houses for free. I am not crazy and this wish is not unrealistic.
As a senior searcher for materials free of charge, I strongly believe that there must be a free online library of Chinese books after I find the one with English original books available to download without paying a penny. I find it now. Although only online reading is allowed within two hours a day, it is enough for someone who spends 2 hours reading each day and keeps it this way day by day.
Thanks for Netease snail reader, I have access to online library after I am away from college and still get the resources to keep lifelong study going on. Owing to this app, I stop buying books or being anxious about where I should keep the books after finishing them. I still keep a habit of dropping by the book store once every two months, just to get to know what's new for readers. All I need to do is have a name of the book I am interested in and put it on my bookshelf of that app.


Here are the 6 ways that you could locate a book suiting your taste and bring it into your reading list in snail reader.
1 Find the Chinese counterpart of the book you are familiar with
2 Find the book of your favorite Chinese author
3 Check what's new on the recommended list
4 Go to the Chinese local book store and have a glimpse of the content of the certain book you feel like reading
5 Search on Chinese online book seller for an attractive name
6 Search by famous Chinese public house. Start with the bilingual ones

Find more details of this Chinese online library in PDF attached if you deem it useful

guidance for snail reader.pdf



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