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Practice listening skills - beginner or intermediate?



I have been quiet but then decided to do some self studying.


Here's a little project I have been doing for listening skills. See if it helps you


I prepared some Growing up with China flashcards as a training listening deck.


Why did I pick this series?


- available on Youtube

- text and translation easily cut and from here - https://hanyufanting.com/category/other/growing-up-with-chinese/

- Short, manageable dialogue to prepare

- sometimes two versions of the same sentence being said - the dialogue from the actors and the host ( Charlotte MacInnis ) repeating it.

- said to be beginner level but I tell you when I really was a beginner, I couldn't make head nor tail of what they were saying because of.....

- they speak at native speed but short sentences

- the actors sometimes speak with words slurred together or using erhuayin which perhaps is more real life like; not typical standard mandarin teaching material


How are the Notes within the deck arranged?


- The pinyin and traditional characters were inserted using Anki's chinese pack. The pinyin maybe incorrect in places

- The recall and recognition cards are hidden

- A new card called "listening" was created - this will repeat the sentence automatically five times so if you didn't get it the first time of listening, you don't have to waste time pressing anki to repeat the audio. If after five times, you want to listen again, then use Anki to replay the audio and you get another five chances.

- Reveal the back of the card - it gives all the information and then repeats the sentence another 10 times to burn the sentence pattern into your brain.

- if it's not enough, use the command within Anki to replay the audio.

- if you want to practice shadowing the sentence, then replay the audio and you will get another 10 repeats. If you want 50 repeats, you will only use the Anki replay command five times. 100 repeats would be replaying ten times. So you can very easily build up numbers of repetitions.


Some sentences were really hard. I have one language wechat group and I would play the sentence to the group  and ask them what they heard. I would do this to try and confirm the subtitles with the audio. Sometimes I would get different answers but mostly the subtitles would be correct and I would be thinking "what the heck......"


So far I have done episodes 26 to 30. See what you make of it and what you get out of it




GUWC 26-30.apkg


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Forgot to mention this before but the host also repeats some of the dialogue with slightly slower pace. I felt that's quite good practice for some variation.

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