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  2. Your phone is keeping track of your location, and quite openly now. Send an SMS and you'll get back an official 行程证明 of the cities you've been in within the past 15 and 30 days. For China Mobile, send "cxmyd" to 10086. (You have to reply back with the last 4 digits of your passport number.) Here's the official announcement: http://www.gov.cn/fuwu/2020-02/18/content_5480444.htm
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  4. Would love to see more people post there audio samples here! I thought about this as I posted this comment yesterday (my last comment in this thread): https://www.chinese-forums.com/blogs/entry/1051-trying-to-get-back-into-he-swing/ Everyones willing to give their language learning advice that they are quite adamant about, yet we haven't heard how well they can actually speak. I've been through all the posts in this section (which seems to have dried up quite a while ago) and yes, I've heard Imrons audio - he speaks Chinese very well, therefore I give his advice more credence. Yes, I've come across some of the other frequent posters here, and ditto. But most of the posters have not posted any audio clips. Cmon, post an audio clip, lets hear you. It's fun, interesting, educational!!
  5. We used to joke that that's just what the bottle water companies were doing anyway
  6. So now two prisons (that we know of) have become infected. I was thinking about this weeks ago, as I know someone in prison in Hebei. There's been an outbreak in a Beijing hospital, as of yesterday 36 confirmed and hundreds being checked. There Daegu in South Korea now under self imposed lockdown. I do not see what is to stop all kinds of outbreaks starting in places all across china - 3rd and 4th tier cities, villages, hospitals and yes office buildings. Very worrying imo.
  7. You can always just boil tap water no? I was also thinking about students, or even English teachers, who may not have tons of money on hand. What happens if the BOC card runs out of money and they have no way to get money from their home country? Do you still have a lot of friends/colleagues in Wuhan? I can imagine. Stay safe.
  8. I wasn't offered a seat unfortunately. I would like to echo what Tomsima said earlier about people just staying indoors and not really being exposed to the brunt of what is happening on the front lines. Those of us who are yet to present with symptoms or have to go to healthcare or government facilities are mainly just bored and kicking it at home BUT that those not mean that once in a while we don't get to see just how tenuous the situation is. A building near me was cordoned off recently because 4 people got infected, that was quite surreal. Supplies have been extremely difficult to get though, I haven't been able to get kegs of water in almost a week now (still waiting).
  9. Thank you very much for the encouragement. It's great to have the perspective of someone else who has been through interpreting training. I really enjoyed reading your blog series on the T&I program that you did at Bath. Being so busy over the past few years has made it difficult for me to devote enough time to practicing. I used to always feel like if I am going to practice something, I need to do the entire speech over and over until I have it down perfect. Back when I was a student this sometimes worked, but that attitude still always put unnecessary pressure on me. It has gotten so overwhelming now that over the past year or so I have hardly practiced at all. Now I've realized that the important thing is just to do something everyday even if its just a little bit and far from perfect. I started this topic to get myself motivated again, but I was also hoping that this can be a place where anyone can post samples of their practice sessions and get comments while learn from one another. It may take a while before others who are interested in interpreting notice this thread, but hopefully at some point more people will come across it and participate, regardless of native language, years of study, work status etc. So for sure if you decide to get back to practicing, definitely join in! Even if it's just every once and a while it would be great to have someone else contributing to the thread. My personal goal, as long as the forums are ok with it, is to post something on average every day for the rest of the year and then see how much of a difference it makes a year later. Performance will vary depending on the day and topic, but overtime hopefully I'll be able to see improvement. I may shorten the length of the samples and also plan to start posting J-C and C-J sessions. Once I make this a habit, hopefully I can add in some consec practice sessions too.
  10. zhouhaochen

    Teaching Chinese Online

    @abcdefg thanks and that would be fantastic and I agree good things can come out of bad situations. We certainly suddenly have the opportunity to teach a lot of online classes and get experience very fast which we otherwise would not have had. We ask for feedback from all students and teachers, but I would be very interested in what people on Chinese Forums think about online learning. We do not want to develop an app or some website that teachers you Mandarin, but actually do real teaching with a real life professional Chinese language teacher, just delivered via the internet instead of face to face. I myself never studied online, so I have no experiences there unfortunately. All feedback is most welcome.
  11. abcdefg

    Teaching Chinese Online

    This might be an opportunity to make big advances in online language teaching, to take it to the next level. Your school could be a trailblazer in developing innovative materials and methods. Might wind up benefiting the entire language teaching industry and benefiting students who want or need to study long distance.
  12. HSK 2 Audio Track is now live on my channel! Watch it here: https://youtu.be/hY7jK9lekrk
  13. Excellent point. In large pharma in the US, most of the statisticians are Chinese because they do excellent work. Fraudulent data happens rarely. In Chinese pharmaceutical companies in China, the statisticians are likely equally competent. Yet, the Chinese FDA found that the Chinese companies were submitting a huge amount of fraudulent data. Why? Liu & Yang would likely say: Leaders make the numbers (not the statisticians) Accounting is also an excellent example. The book, The Chinese Tao of Business, mentions that a Moody's found that the books of China's Big 4 banks were meaningless. Odds are these 4 banks had excellent accountants. Why were their books meaningless? Leaders make the numbers (not the accountants). If just a few companies did these kinds of things, I would agree it's not culture. Unfortunately, the above isn't rare or isolated. There is definitely an effort to change this in China, but it is pushing against long-standing cultural practices. (I could give other examples, but this could sound like polemic against China. It's not. Most of the sources of these examples are Chinese authors who want to change things for the better).
  14. zhouhaochen

    LTL Mandarin School Shanghai

    Another quick Corona Virus Update: We have to continue to teach all Chinese classes in mainland China online for next week still. This applies to all LTL schools in mainland China. Courses in Taipei continue as normal face to face as life there is continuing basically normal and there are not the same restrictions as in other cities. Lets hope this ends soon....
  15. So, due to recent current Corona Virus events we (LTL Mandarin School) suddenly found ourselves in a situation where we have to teach all our Mandarin classes online. We have been teaching online classes for years, but usually to students who studied with us previously in China and then wanted to continue studying with their teacher afterwards online or preparation courses before someone would come to China. Now we suddenly are organizing online classes a stand alone course for people whom we might never meet as they are not coming to study with us in person at any of our schools. This is quite a new situation for us and as a strong believer into language immersion I have always been a bit sceptical of how to study online classes which I believe can be very effective, but after class the student most likely still finds himself in a completely non-Chinese language environment which makes real progress quite difficult. However, supposedly this is the future and during the last month we have been pushed into if we wanted to or not, so here we go and I want to make sure we deliver the best quality possible. I attended an online teaching course this week which was interesting but not specifically focused on Mandarin. I would be very interested in feedback from students who studied Mandarin online with a real life teacher (not an app) regarding your experiences, suggestions and advice, both for students and teachers.
  16. 889

    Chinese in 柬埔寨 🇰🇭

    "I've also seen quite a few private homes with the Chinese door decoration (don't know the name for that)." 门神?
  17. ChTTay

    Spoonfed Chinese

    Living here, they’re not reliable enough so I tend to avoid anything subscription based that needs one if I can. You can have weeks without access. Especially in Beijing. Anyway, I just mentioned it in case you didn’t know as I (think?) saw you had plans to come here at some point. And for anyone else who was wondering. so, sticky study... Are the mistakes that bad?
  18. Most developers make money from ads.
  19. When does the dialogue appear? Sometimes subtitles don't perfectly reflect what's said on screen. And even if the subtitles are correct, the actor's intonation helps. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=ExzyAG3qtQg You might also post your question as a Youtube comment there.
  20. Yesterday
  21. Are you charging for the app? If so, you should be paying for the translations and any editing they require.
  22. Not much the wiser but since it comes in the context of 责怪 and he's saying it is the uncle to blame not the dad, I do wonder if it's a pun on 数错 - criticised in error, 数 working as in 数罪 数落. Not a turn of phrase I've ever seen.
  23. Jan Finster

    Wrong bark in the tree (?)

    It is from "All is Well" (都挺好) Episode 36: Here is the dialogue: 这 就是 为什么 他们 开始 变得 浮躁 。 如果 不是 给 你 爸爸 的话 , 你 妈妈 现在 将 入狱 。 退出 虚张声势 ! 我 叔叔 说 你 和 我 父亲 联手 将 他们 踢出 中 城 。 你 可以 怪 我 但是 如果 你 责怪 你 的 父亲 , 那 就是 在 树错 了 树皮 。 如果 不是 为了 你 叔叔 搞 集团 和 搞乱 中 成 , 我们 不必 那样 做 。 Google translator says (about the line in bold): "But if you blame your father, you are wrongly barking the tree." So maybe not as Shelley suggested barking up the wrong tree, but as in "barking a tree" (as in removing the bark) (?) Would that mean "harming it" (?) Is this a common thing to say in Chinese?
  24. edelweis

    Tattoo "indifference"

    Times New Roman looks great with e.e. cummings IMHO.
  25. I know you can't, that why I was asking one of the people who can, if they would, its only a small thing but I wondered if it put a few people off.
  26. Thank you for your answers! @Shelley: I can't edit the title of my post or the post itself at all so I'm afraid I won't be able to fix the title.
  27. Sorry hadnt replied yet, great to see a thread like this here - I will have to get my pad back out and have a practice again, giving me some motivation! Your quality, turn of phrase and calmness is quite amazing, congratulations on getting to such a high level. I can't even comprehend how you are doing this between two languages neither of which are your mother tongue...world class really, must have taken years and years of incredibly hard work to get to where you are now, amazing job, very envious!
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