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  2. Toilet instructions

    Maybe it's a magic sign, and LinZhenPu just sees what he needs to see...
  3. Chinese Opera in London

    The London events topic, if anyone wants to keep it updated, is here - I'm no longer in London.
  4. 诗词写得不错 办事处的杰作

    Unless I'm mistaken, that's a minority language, from somewhere in the Southwest?
  5. Storefronts

  6. Storefronts

    Where would be the most appropriate place to start a thread for Google Streetview screenshots of disappointing British Chinatowns?
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  8. Storefronts

  9. Chinese Opera in London

    Thanks - I completely missed this. I see you can get 10% off if you book more than one performance and enter the right code. Time Out are also offering a reduction on one performance. https://www.timeout.com/london/shop/entertainment-china-national-peking-opera-company-october I saw these last time they were here. You can take photos in the performance.
  10. Storefronts

    Why do US Chinatowns look so much better than British ones? Is it because the British high street, in general, just looks pretty shit? Seriously, look at this: Bonus points for anyone that guesses the UK city (without cheating).
  11. Our schools at Lijiang and Dali have on campus accommodation, Links in signature below We do provide accommodation in Kunming but we haven't expanded our offering much as it is expensive to maintain and those costs must be passed on to students. We do however help our students negotiate local rentals for apartments near our school. Sorry to hear about negative experiences in Kunming
  12. Toilet instructions

    Err, no. It means stand closer to the urinal so that you don't miss, because that's what civilized people do. They have these all over China.
  13. 貌似我写起来实在太马虎了。我写错了,我想说我十几年前去北京,不好意思。不过跟现在的北京还是有区别。
  14. So you want the seals/stamps, too? The one in the SW corner is 杨寶泰印 “Seal of Yang Bao Tai." The one at three o'clock is 付訖 "PAID." The red ones in the middle need some thought. The one over the tax stamps is 印花 “Stamp Duty." And in English I'd express that amount as 33,000,000 yuan. Edit: I believe those red seals in the middle both read 永泰 Yong Tai. As well, I don't think that line on the right is meant to be read as 今收到 40 "Today received 40." If you look closely, you'll see there's a "No." at the beginning of that dotted line on which "40" sits. That is, it's "No. 40," representing the serial number of this bill. Besides, if it were a monetary amount it would have been written in the same formal fashion with formal numeric characters as the other amount on the bill. Note there's half of a red Yong Tai seal at the top, so presumably there was a counterfoil.
  15. Storefronts

    I also see 東北餃子王 and 牛肉粉
  16. The two red characters on top are 收據-receipt(from right to left) The characters in the middle are 北洋紗廠還欠洋叁仟叁佰萬元正.(Beiyang Cotton Mill still owes 330,000,00 yuan.) On the right are 今收到40(Today 40 received ),and the blue characters are 付訖(paid)。 On the left are 民國卅七年七月廿七日(July 27th, 1948),永泰電業商行(Yongtai Electrical Company )。
  17. 我去忙一些其他的事情去了。 This came up in an online lesson of mine. Is it a grammatical pattern? Or just a 口语?
  18. 你的汉语已经非常地道了,除了“敢”兴趣,我知道这是你打字时不小心打错了,哈哈。 你说你几十年前去北京旅游, 对这件事我很好奇,因为几十年前我大概还没有出生呢。你还记得当时的北京是什么样子吗?我很想知道几十年前一个外国人第一次到北京是什么感受。
  19. 对啊,你可以一口气写这么多汉语,真的很棒。而且我觉得你的经历很有意思,人们开车的时候一般喜欢听音乐,没想到你会在开车的时候听汉语课本的录音。我觉得我以后开车时也可以试着听一听英语或韩语的录音,哈哈。 开始学汉语以前我学了一些别的语言 今天我还这样觉得
  20. Did you and @realmayo encounter hostility from locals in Kunming? Interesting, because I have had mostly good experience here. Sometimes encounter trouble with the local dialect, but have seldom encountered a negative vibe.
  21. Yesterday
  22. Hi, I thought there was a thread about events in London, but I can't find it just now. Anyway ... I was at Chinese class today and someone mentioned that there were performances of Beijing Opera in London this weekend. I found some links. The first performance is: A River All Red — China National Peking Opera Company, http://www.sadlerswells.com/whats-on/2017/china-national-peking-opera-company-a-river-all-red/ 21 & 24 Oct And then there is: The Phoenix Returns Home — China National Peking Opera Company, http://www.sadlerswells.com/whats-on/2017/china-national-peking-opera-company-the-phoenix-returns-home/ 22 & 25 Oct I am not sure if I can go or not, I always seem to be on call at work. But others may be interested. JohnK
  23. 我对语言感兴趣,对不同的文字也感兴趣。 我十几年前去北京旅游,当时一句中文都不会。因为我对语言的兴趣,所以我特别注意到广告、路名牌等的字。因为很多路都叫什么东路、什么西路,我自然而然就开始认识东、西、南、北等字。我很好奇,汉字怎么能串起来构成句子。我回国之后就买了一本中文语法书,我并没有意认真地学习中文,只不过是想满足我的好奇心而已。结果,那本书我读完了,觉得太有意思了,就想继续学习下去。到现在为止,我一直都没有停止。就这样子啊。
  24. Which is why I avoid Kunming and Yangshuo in general. Unless I ever learn to speak the local dialect I'm not sure I'll venture into these places.
  25. Well, I've noticed that with DUFL, Zhejiang University of Science and Technology, and Sun Yat-Sen University, they all now have a policy that you must already have experience in learning Chinese for 2 years in a University before you can enter 3rd year, and 1 year experience for entering 2nd year. But these lower-tier universities seem not to care.
  26. Toilet instructions

    It basically means don't jerk off in the toilet and make sure you pee in the bowl, right? I'll see if I can dig up the picture of the sign I took in the airport shower in Changsha.
  27. Work Visa application rejected

    Visa applications in countries neighbouring China on the Far West are usually considered pretty strictly. Also, because of important meetings in Beijing, China seems to be especially strict this month. If you're Pakistani, then China -- for all its bonhomie about friendship across the border -- tends to be suspicious by nature, especially if you want to work in Xinjiang or other heavily Moslem areas. If you're not Pakistani, then China tends to be suspicious why you're applying in Pakistan, not your home country. Indeed, the basic rule is that you should apply for a work visa in your home country, so if you're not Pakistani the embassy can certainly return your application without explanation. The other possibility is that there were doubts of some sort about the bona fides of your documents or your background. A couple of suggestions. First, go back to your Chinese contact and verify everything is in order. Second, in some countries -- I don't know about Pakistan -- there are visa agents who have particularly good relations with the embassy, and applications through them tend to go more smoothly. (Some confusion arose because you initially said you submitted your "work permit," which isn't the same as the "work permit notification letter" you actually submitted.)
  28. Skype would be OK, however, it does not seem to work reliably in China. What about QQ?
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