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    Dance vocab?

  3. This gives me an idea for a classroom activity. I write 爬山 and 登山 on the board and ask the students to explain the differences. Will these two words give Chinese students the distinction I am looking for?
  4. We have the same word, 面倒くさい (mendokusai) in Japanese, and I have had the same difficulty trying to find a single, suitable translation into English. (I usually teach “what a hassle.” to my students. I do not teach the much more conversational term "a pain in the xxx" to my students.) To make things worse, Japanese dictionaries use the word "troublesome" which in my opinion is not conversational. Do Chinese dictionaries use the word "troublesome"?
  5. I already have it on Pleco. TBH, I don't like using Pleco. I would honestly rather just use the books if I could afford them since I have the HDC Index add-on for Wenlin which makes using the books much easier. I use Pleco when I'm studying on my phone away from home and have no alternative, or if I can't find a better option for an affordable price for the dictionary I need.
  6. OneEye

    Outlier Linguistic Solutions

    We just released a huge update to the dictionary, which adds another 700+ completed entries and brings the total up to just over 2700 characters (announcement here). We're also running a little summer sale, with 20% off anything in the store if you use the discount code 'summer20' at checkout.
  7. Use the translated English lyrics below to find the title and artist of the song. Bonus points for providing a video or audio link. A short audio clip is provided as an additional hint, should you need it. Right at 9, the last alarm sounds Lazily and dazedly extend my back, half awake, half asleep She’s in a rush, afraid of being late I accidentally pee in her shoe I mistakenly think this habit is a sort of mutual understanding But she gives me a bitter melon face, very angry Oh a dog’s mission I still don’t understand it’s meaning Want to sleep, want to eat my fill But still have to continue pondering Why my master Is not accepting my ingratiation anymore Is there some kind of medicine Swallow it whole And I can share her struggles I really really want to see her smile And in passing tell her Today I didn’t cause a scene Jiu ba li du lu jiu ba li du Want to open my mouth but I can’t say anything Jiu ba li du lu jiu ba li du No time to do cheap tricks for you Jiu ba li du lu jiu ba li du Go out into the world and look around Don't dodge or hide If you’re not satisfied, dress like a person and live like a dog Like to sniff morning flower scent Like to observe every day’s sunset This is what I’m like Don’t unrealistically expect any more human characteristics But day after day passes She’s step by step Discovering her dream And time passes unwaveringly second by second The clock hand ticks heavily on my heart Jiu ba li du lu jiu ba li du Want to open my mouth but I can’t say anything Jiu ba li du lu jiu ba li du Don't want to do cheap tricks for you Jiu ba li du lu jiu ba li du lu Go out into the world and look around Don't dodge or hide If you’re not satisfied, dress like a person and live like a dog clip.mp3 Answer
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  9. @郑小姐 Unfortunately, not even 4, still stage 3. Actually, I don't know how to know if the school has rejected the application. Whenever I look at the review report it says "孔 院 推荐 院校 审核 同意 推荐". Finally I sent an e-mail to the Confucius Institute, and they sent me this answer : "你好,合作类别的申请结果将在本周公布。非合作类别的申请结果已经公布,如你没有收到调剂或录取信息,说明你没有获得本年度奖学金"
  10. Nice copying my profile picture! Well, not nice, but 哦 Youku/iQiyi/QQ (depending on the licensing) and the like have many old and recent blockbuster releases dubbed: Harry Potter, Spider-man, Hunger Games, etc. You need a Chinese account though, and for most of them also VIP (which is like less than 4$ monthly on average). If you like surfing the Caribbean with an eyepatch you can also find them, as well as in Taiwanese-hosted websites. Sometimes even Youtube has them, although expect the worst quality out there/mirrored image.
  11. SmartTvs have a Bruce Lee all enter the dragon movies just turn on the caption so you can read what they are saying .......etc
  12. The linguist John McWhorter covered how "standard languages" come about. Most of us have a sense that that standard language is spoken in some place....whereas the reality it's usually an artificially created "standard" and it's standard for now. The standard may be different in 50, 100 or more years. E.g., Americans tend to think that American newscaster English is based on some place vaguely in the center of the country; it's not. Newscaster English was a created standard. As zhouhaochen, "standard" Mandarin is based on what is spoken in Northern China - but just based on. I've heard some say it's based on Beijing mandarin, but what a native Beijing taxi driver says is far afield from more educated person (drivers seem to add "er" to every word). I was surprised in one of my first trips to China, a colleague in Hangzhou said "You have a good accent." He didn't say I spoke well - just that my accent was good - because I said things like 一点儿. Similarly, I've had friends from Fujian & Taiwan say "Your Chinese is much better than mine." These are individuals whose entire schooling, including college, was in Mandarin. Their Mandarin is way way way above mine. However, they've been taught to think their accent in Mandarin is "bad." The sounds may not be as clear to others from outside the area, but they would be clear to those in the South. E.g., I might have trouble understanding a "thick" Scottish accent, but a local Scot could understand it more easily. They might have trouble understanding me. What constitutes an accent is based on perspective.
  13. I mean movies. Something entertaining eg IMDB movies with more than 7 points. Where can I get these with Chinese?
  14. Here's an example of current language use in mountain climbing: (It's also a pretty good movie with top cast and great scenery.) https://www.chinese-forums.com/forums/topic/59183-%E6%94%80%E7%99%BB%E8%80%85-the-climbers/ The titile of the film is 攀登者 pandengzhi. English translation "The Climbers." I saw it on the big screen in Kunming. Don't know about its availability as a download. Most of it was filmed in Tibet. Directed by Tsui Hark 徐克。 Here are some clips: https://movie.douban.com/video/104243/
  15. There can be several levels of this: a language may not have a precise word for the concept and require multiple words to convey the same idea. In other cases, a word may be relatively precise in one language and have more meanings in another (i.e., mountain climbing in English has a more narrow meaning than 爬山 in Chinese). For new concepts, other words may evolve to fill that gap or the language may borrow words from others. A fun example (and this is specifically for the other Monty Python fans I've seen post to this site): Why is junk email called "spam" in English? What does the "meat" called spam have to do with email? The book "The Etymologicon" related the story of one of the first computer viruses: It would trigger computers to print, on-screen, an endless loop of the lyrics to the Monty Python song "Spam". And thus this word evolved to describe needless emails. (the programming language "Python" also derives from MP, albeit for unknown reasons) Chinese friends often ask me "what is the word for...." and sometimes I can't think of just 1 word. I have to "work around it" to describe the same thing in English. Sometimes, the English words lack the same "ring" as in Chinese. For example, while I can translate 很麻烦 in multiple ways into English (that's annoying, what a bother, what a hassle...), I prefer the Chinese word and wish I could use it with my English speaking friends. Situations like this can trigger vocabulary sharing between languages when enough people speak the same 2nd language.
  16. That's more usually 登山 in the context of e.g. an Everest summit attempt. ETA: see https://baike.baidu.com/item/登山/6176955 or http://cmasports.sport.org.cn for example
  17. @Sudai did you get your result yet? Or still stuck on stage 4?
  18. Please forgive me if I am repeating myself, but is this also the word for real mountain climbing, which requires using one's hands (to grab rock face or dig in to dirt) to climb up a mountain?
  19. ARCMusicPublishings

    Help creating a Chess piece

  20. It should be done in a government hospital. RPR, VDRL, HBSAG, HIV, Xray tests should be conducted. Make sure you collect the blood test report and xray photo. You are to bring them all to China. I'm currently undergoing my own test now.
  21. Malaysia. Hmmm I try to look for it... Is any government hospital or clinic ok? Sorry as this is my first time going overseas 😅
  22. Which country are you in? You would normally find a clinic that deals with medical examinations for visa applications.
  23. Two foreigners can no longer get married in a Chinese ceremony/wedding office.
  24. Assuming you have a halfway accurate list of your known vocab to work against, it's quite easy to identify unknown high-frequency vocab items. Learn those, or keep 'em on a handy list as you read, and then anything else unknown you come up again, you know isn't going to crop up again too often. You can also use it to identify vocab items that CTA (or CEDICT, rather) isn't spotting. If you see single characters like 罗 and 伯 cropping up at high frequency, there's a chance there's a 罗伯特 in your story. You can save that as a vocab item as you want - it could be a city name or any transliteration, or a Chinese name. All of the lists generated can be exported for import into Pleco or elsewhere. Say export the 300 most frequent unknown words in a chapter, so you can do some vocab work before actually reading.
  25. Let us know how you get on with handling 多音字...
  26. roddy

    Dance vocab?

    I didn't really find any, I just couldn't link it up with actual English terms I could see in use - which for all I know, don't exist. Long time since I felt like I've come up against a brick wall like that. Was a rush job though.
  27. From our point of view (well, mine, at least) 1) I do get slightly nervous about people posting .exe files, but there are legitimate cases - various people have used the forum to host software they've written. We'd be particularly sceptical about a new poster doing it. But it's not like our saying no would make much odds, you could just put it on a file-sharing site and the exact same people will download it, and as has been amply pointed out, the risks aren't what they once were. 2) What we don't like is hosting without good reason resources other people have produced and still provide. That gets into issues of copyright and good manners. As far as I can tell the original site for this isn't working, but it'd be appreciated if the first post could be edited with a link and whatever info is available. Credit where it's due and all that. If there's a reliable official download site, a link to that is preferred, rather than us hosting someone else's possibly out-of-date work. 3) This was a lot more discussion than needed.
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