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  2. If you want to apply for Masters taught in Chinese and your HSK level is not high enough, just increase your study duration on the website for "whatever is the period of your degree" + 1 year. The one year will be for the preparation course. And if you want to apply for the language course seperately, you can do it under the General Scholar category on CSC webstie
  3. The screws tighten even further. In addition to all the existing rigmarole, starting tomorrow March 2, China is requiring all.those traveling from certain countries, such as Egypt, to quarantine at home for two weeks and then in a designated quarantine hotel for three days before even boarding their flight to China. https://www.egyptair.com/en/about-egyptair/news-and-press/Pages/EGYPTAIR is back to the Sky as of 01July 2020.aspx (See under "China.")
  4. That book published 1986, find hard copy not easy, but there are pdf version.
  5. Now we're moving into the vaccination phase another problem rears its head... travel rules for those entering and re-entering China still require a negative IgM (antibody) test as well as a PCR test. And yes, if you've been vaccinated there's a good chance you will have antibodies so you will "fail" the test. Covid-19 vaccines may give you antibodies that prevent you entering China https://www.scmp.com/news/china/science/article/3123126/covid-19-vaccines-may-give-you-antibodies-prevent-you-entering Embassies are currently giving contradictory advice on this, according to the article.
  6. No policy as far as I know... take each test as many times as you like.
  7. Went on the Confuzius Institute website and saw that today was the deadline for registration for the test on the 13th. So I just registered for HSK4. Let's see how I do. I'm sure I know all the words and characters. Just haven't done any studying specifically towards HSK. Hope I can then take HSK5 in June (only know ~70% of the vocab atm). What is the policy on retaking HSK (either to pass, or to get a higher score)?
  8. adrianlondon

    Let's toast Beijing

    That's a good point. As you say, seeing what's changed is very interesting. I remember hating what they'd done to Nanluoguxiang between me studying there in 2006/7 and re-ivsiting a few times until 2011. I have friends living in Beijing and it seems some other hutongs went the other way. The one near the Lama Temple, which was full of cool bars and youth hostels is now dead. I assume air b&b and couchsurfing (and young people simply getting richer) has put paid to most dirty non-official youth hostels. I studied at BNU and want to visit again precisely to see how it's changed. If cities didn't change then they'd be boring. There's some excitement to standing outside some new apartment complex and reminiscing about the fruit & veg market and jianbing stall that used to be there, for example. Although I'd miss the jianbing :)
  9. Agree. Working on improving the comprehension step by step to 100%. Recently got Outliar dictionary (Pleco add on) which he liked the way meaning was explained
  10. Yes, that was me. I spotted you too, nice meeting you! It was a good meeting, so much to talk about for such a short story. I'll watch for Wei Ma's future writings too, maybe follow her in Weixin if she's publishing a serial there. There'll be another group reading and meeting next this month.
  11. My App Store is the UK. I got the iPhone 12 Max Pro this year and download all of the apps I needed, included ones like VPN which can't be downloaded in the Chinese App Store. Then I logged out of that account and signed up again with China as my location. Verified by using WeChat or Alipay (can't remember which one now). There was a problem about me being from abroad so still can't download Chinese apps. I sighed and proceeded to go back to the App Store. For some reason, I could still download all the Chinese apps, just not the paid for ones. I got all the apps I needed like AMap, Bilibili etc, then logged back into my UK account. Not had any problems since.
  12. amytheorangutan

    Suggestions for Reading Improvement

    @Sreeni based on what you said I think he probably need to read something slightly below his level and a lot of it before slowly moving up. It is hard to remember words without context and we need tons of repetition before we can intuitively understand how a word is being used. Try to use graded readers books, the ones without pinyin on top of the characters. My favourite is Mandarin Companion but I heard a lot of people also use Chinese Breeze. I also use Du Chinese but they are just lots of short articles. He should understand around 98% of what he reads and read multiple books at that level before moving on. Textbooks and curriculum at school are not designed for repetition so they mention 10-15 new words twice and expect students to remember all of it and move on to more new words when we don’t even have the time to remember the first 10-15. Graded readers books, the good quality ones normally would repeat words a lot so they solidify in your memory. Also if your son is not interested in what he is reading, graded reader is normally a good alternative as the stories are more interesting than textbooks. 85% comprehension is very low and probably would be demoralising trying to read at that level, I tried to read a couple of books with 92% comprehension and that was a struggle for me. So if you can give him more interesting reading materials that are around 98% comprehension then it will help with his motivation and interest on top of improving his reading skills.
  13. amytheorangutan

    Upcoming event with London Sc Fiction Society

    That was fun! Thanks @Luxi Was that you who asked about the character Da Li? Can’t wait for the novel actually, from the little glimpses she gave us, I’m curious to see how she would develop the mother daughter relationship.
  14. Hello everyone, I need some help. I applied for the CSC scholarship but didn’t see the option for choosing if you want to do an initial 1 year Chinese language class first. Im trying to apply for my Masters taught in Chinese but my hsk results are not enough, I’ll need another year of language classes before I start my major. Is it normal that there was no option for me to choose if I needed the 1 year class or I somehow skipped that option on my application?
  15. @Flickserve thanks for asking. My kid is having school exams and he completed Chinese exam and paper was marked.his current test is based on vocabulary and comprehension. 1. Fill in the blanks like 10 new vocabulary they will give 10 sentences and need to match with correct word. Few mistakes here, mostly if he did not understand the meaning of the sentence he is making mistakes. He knows some of the words, but few he is interpreting in correct. Those were corrected after exam. Some vocabulary he did not know/forgot. He learned/ relearned them. 2. Comprehension: he did not understand complete meaning of the exam comprehension. So his teachers guided him to match the words in question and in passage and asked to answer in exams if he did not understand the passage. Some time he used to get few marks, but this time he did not get any marks in Comprehension.My understanding is he should understand the passage atleast 85%. His moral is very low. teachers teach him the vocabulary in practice comprehensions, but he writes them, but not practice.. my advise is to remember all the vocabulary from text books and sample papered whatever he taught. I think that is missing. Quarterly exam there is no reading test. Will practice reading again after other exams are completed. any advise ? based on the above info you can think of.
  16. neoncube

    My Little Word Land

    The site now has some HSK vocabulary! HSK 1 HSK 2 HSK 3 HSK 4 The original contents of these lists are from http://popupchinese.com/hsk/test. I've edited them for correctness and clarity. If you find any issues, please feel free to post them here! I've also added a course about some words related to tea
  17. Flickserve

    Suggestions for Reading Improvement

    @Sreeni How is practice going?
  18. zhouhaochen

    Let's toast Beijing

    Its a dangerous undertaking. Literally everything has. And whatever fond memories you most likely will barely find any traces of them. There are new things that replaced the old things, but if your memories are from more than 10 years ago, be ready for it to not be there anymore. The Beijing we came to back then to learn Mandarin does not exist anymore. There was a Facebook group last summer that memorized the "old" Beijing (well what that is of course very much depends on the person, but mainly it was 1995-2010) and it was amazing to watch with all the pictures posted, memories shared etc. and probably the only place for a few minutes a day to re-experience something thats not there anymore. Like all facebook groups, it got a bit too big for its own good after a while and I left, but that was good at the time. Going to Beijing today to look for memories is most likely not going to be a satisfying experience. Checking out the new place can be pretty fun though - the subway really is much better and the whole place way more fancy and cleaner. 羊肉串儿 and 燕京 being sold on the side of the street has become impossible to find though.
  19. Ok, I followed up with everyone now (I hope). In case anyone else is interested, please private message or email me on andreas AT flexiclasses.com HSK 4 Flexi Classes are starting today. Very excited to get the first feedback.
  20. Yesterday
  21. Good day everyone. I hope to discuss with you my current research, to learn new things and to double check on some facts. There is a few things that I may need clarification on. I've attached photos of some of the notes and research I've found. I will say, I want to know more about the assassination attempt at Qin Shi Huang (First emperor) and if indeed it was by Jing Ke. If there's any further stories, facts /nuggets of information that could prove useful for my notebook, please let me know. I also recall hearing that his first Prime minister had an attempt on his life as well. I'd like to know more about any attempts and also about why he was depicted as so cruel, yet his military tactics and many things laid out a great foundation for china. I want to understand also , how he was able to unify those nations and , basically, i'm in the dark about those other nations. Thank you .
  22. pinyin is great for its wide usage, I love bopomofo for its easier to understand phonetic approach and general aesthetics, but now it's time for me to finally get involved in gwoyeu romatzyh, because I just think the idea of encoding the tones sounds great. Also I've just got my hands on a copy of A Grammar of Spoken Chinese by 赵元任 aka Yuen Ren Chao, and want to make full use of the book. So here's the question - is there any way to get GR as the pronunciation for all dictionaries across pleco? Also anyone here in the forums currently able to use this system?
  23. mungouk

    HSK sign up - Surname first?

    Hi and welcome to the forums! You can put your name however you like... I have mine with the surname last on my HSK certificates (whereas all my bank accounts etc in China have my surname first). They've dealt with enough foreigners over the years to work out how to check names on passports and other IDs I guess.
  24. I don't know, and sorry but I'm not willing to try it out because I don't want to lose my recurring payments. Also, you can't pay for anything with a 支付宝 or WeChat account without binding it to a Chinese bank card (see many of the discussions on that on these forums).
  25. Check this video. I think it's actually easier on an iphone compared to Android https://youtu.be/jMgyvRi-BU8
  26. http://www.moe.gov.cn/jyb_xwfb/gzdt_gzdt/s5987/201904/t20190412_377692.html A published data from Ministry of Education from 2018. tldr: Only 12% of all international students get the CSC scholarship. I have heard that it is easy to get the scholarship, but based on this data, it seems selective.
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