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  2. I saw this thread was blowing up abit so popped in to see what it’s about. It’s not my usual area of the forums but i think @Phil Crimmins comes across really well. A lot of people I’ve seen come on here publishing their website or technique or APP really don’t respond at all well to any vaguely negative feedback. I think it bodes well that Phil is at least getting involved and debating with CF users. I’m tempted to try the free stuff just so I can contribute here 🤣 maybe in the holiday that’s coming up soon ...
  3. The registration process, if you're the kind of person who clicks on 'terms of use' type links, includes strong suggestions that commercial posters get in touch before posting. This is largely so we can try and help them avoid this kind of scenario.
  4. I thought of another example, the phrase 你推我讓, which means deferring to one another. The MoE dictionary example sentence reads, "主人與客人你推我讓一番, 才依次入座".
  5. Yes, one new email for each application, however in the personal information, permanent contact you write the same email, your usual email, so they will contact you to just one email.
  6. I watch some chinese dramas like this when I can’t wait for the English sub haha just plow through without sub even though I don’t understand a lot then go back with the English sub. Watching them the first time without sub definitely makes me pay very2 close attention to the dialogues. I also feel like I pick up a bit more vocabularies this way. I normally do this with cheesy light romance dramas though as heavy/historical dramas or movies would be way too much for my level of Chinese to watch without sub and I would quickly lose interest.
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  8. Agree. This forum is a tough audience for a language learning course.
  9. Do this, in very intensive miniature. Although I'd go for a private school rather than tutor, you don't have the time to find a new tutor if something doesn't work out.
  10. I'd try a Chinese movie like operating red sea. Chinese and English subtitles available. I watched 15 min slots looking at the Chinese subtitles then rewatch rereading the Chinese subtitles and checking the English ones I think it's better to use VLC as you can watch, rewind 10 secs , pause very easy with keyboard shortcuts . i also have the English subtitles (srt file) displayed in MS word st the bottom corner of the screen. You can download an application that always keeps the window on top of VLC. If I keep the Chinese and English in the same srt file I'll just look at the English and ignore the Chinese
  11. Agree with above. Go to a private language school for your two weeks. Take daily intensive classes, learn informally (like @Jimand @NinjaTurtle suggested above) in addition to your coursework. Much better than an online Skype teacher. Why? Because immersion like that is more "real." You will feel stimulated to learn by the need to communicate. I have never done a home stay with a Chinese family like @Shelley suggested. Might be helpful; I'm just not sure. If you got a family that was not a good fit, it would be impossible to fall back and regroup because of your tight time constraints.
  12. I tried, but I had to give up. There is no subtitle that goes with the chinese dub version that I can find, only subtitles that come from the translation of the english version. Because of this, even tho I understand most of what is said, I have no way of checking the parts that I missed. It's a big shame because the dubbing is of really good quality.
  13. Quick question. Do document notarizations need to occur at Chinese embassy or consulates? I am a US citizen, but outside the US, and I did the notarizations at the US embassy here. I've heard for other China visa processes that notarizations need to occur at the embassy but I thought for this it could be done anywhere.
  14. Good news, the developer has announced that an English localisation is on the way:
  15. ZhangKaiRong

    Haikou Or Hangzhou For A Black ESL Teacher?

    There are racist people all over China (and also in Korea and Japan, due to historical reasons) - and there is no exact benchmark for Haikou having less or Hangzhou having more. Whichever city you end up working in, you will probably encounter some bad experience, this is something you need to be prepared to face and handle. Out of the two cities, Hangzhou is a lot more developed and have more foreigners. Also the university scene in Hangzhou is much more lively than in Haikou, some of the claimed-to-be-best universities are also in Hangzhou, attracting a lot of foreign students, including African ones. If you limit yourself to a decision between these two cities, there is a better chance that your average Zhang in Hangzhou will not be so shocked if a non-white / non-Asian person crosses the street. But as I said above, there is no guarantee that everyone will be open-minded and tolerant.
  16. Balthazar

    New Pleco Graded Readers

    Perhaps. Personally I'm much more interested in reading simplified versions of Chinese (classic or modern) novels. Which is probably why I'm not a huge fan of the Mandarin Companion stories (although I've read, and recommend, all of their graded readers).
  17. This may seem too advanced, but I'd like to share the last few lines of a poem from 《紅樓夢》, English translation by David Hawkes: ...... 亂烘烘你方唱罷我登場,反認他鄉是故鄉。 In such commotion does the world's theatre rage: As each one leaves, another takes the stage. In vain we roam: Each in the end must call a strange land home. 甚荒唐,到頭來都是為他人作嫁衣裳! Each of us with that poor girl may compare Who sews a wedding-gown for another bride to wear.
  18. DavyJonesLocker

    Cant access some public wifi

    Maybe try a different browser?
  19. Have you book 2 in Excel file? Because I couldn't deal with ZDT format.
  20. DavyJonesLocker

    New Pleco Graded Readers

    Indeed , I daresay the profitability is a concern especially due to the smaller target audience. I contacted Mandarin companion before on this and they had their concerns too. I know they agree with me on the nature of graded readers, i.e move away from classic chinese literature. It's not that I'm not interested (double negative ok here?) however a wider range would be more welcoming. The Chinese graded reader series was good and I agree that the Chinese breeze series just didn't provoke my interest at all. It was a struggle to get through them. Mandarin Companion adaptations were excellent. Oddly enough I have the opposite approach in English. I only read classics and the great literally novels. Steinbeck is hands down the finest author for me . However I wonder about Chinese adaptations of western classics such robinson crusoe. In fact walking through a bookstore shopping center here in Beijing last week, there seems to be a fair amount of these books already translated and simpiled for native Chinese school kids. Whether they suit a western audience I don't know. Couldn't they be simplied further given the material is already in print (and nothing how ridiculously cheap Chinese books are)? I think there is a contradiction in the argument though. We suggest that the target audience is perhaps too small for intermediate and above readers yet there has been a conscience effort to write such material albeit classic Chinese stories. I hazard a guess that on average a Chinese learner would be more willing to pick up a book based on a well received and familiar western novel. In summary I personally would buy almost all graded reader books if the stories were more interesting and not so focused on one aspect , but at the moment I only buy the bare minimum of the current selection currently available. I have jumped from the 3000 words series to 三体 and 岛 quire simply because I appreciate the benefits of reading. I am aware of the reduced effectiveness of this approach but motivation trumps all in my view. Leaving all that aside, great work from pleco for yet again improving material for Chinese learners.
  21. Hello everyone , when I stated learning Chinese the only thing I was thinking about is when I can speak Chinese, so I focused on speaking more than listening, so now I have problem with listening, so any advice How I can improve my listening skills?
  22. I don't think that works. 打 is a punctual/momentary/non-continuous verb here (hit), which means it does not work with the continuous aspect marker 着. However, this is fine: A和B你给我一拳,我踢你一脚,斗得不相上下。 Or this: 两个人你打量着我,我打量着你…… (sizing each other up) So, you see, it's just a structure that signifies reciprocity, as @mouse's example perfectly illustrated: 國、共、日三方你中有我、我中有你的殊死較量 Here we have three parties -- the KMT, the CPC, the Japanese -- who are infiltrating one another. 你/我 does not refer to any specific party, but can be taken as any one of the three parties. In this situation, 你 and 我 are both indefinite. Together, they work as a pair of reciprocal pronouns like 'each other', 'one another'. NOTE: 你 and 我 can also be 'iterative' rather than 'reciprocal'. The point still is, they are indefinite, and do not refer to a specific person. 大家你一言我一语各抒己见。 NOTE 2: the conventional order (though not absolute) is 你 first, 我 second. So there's another problem with your made-up sentence.
  23. Pengyou

    Cant access some public wifi

    My wifi is enabled. I can connect to to router but. not to the internet
  24. Could you sign up for a short course in something else, like cookery, taught in Chinese with local fellow students? Would guarantee a bit more interaction.
  25. @ouyangjun Thanks. I'm interested in the subject, so it sounds worth a read.
  26. I used to purposefully distort audio to achieve a similar effect. If you want to get exposure to a broad range of accents, you will probably like this resource - unfortunately, they used to have transcripts for all the interviews in Simplified, Traditional, pinyin and an English translation, but those no longer seem to be available.
  27. Some laptops have a hardware button or switch for enabling/disabling wifi. 9 times out of 10 when I've helped people figure out "why can't my laptop connect to wifi" it's because this button has been set to the "off" position. Here's an example of what it might look like.
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