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  2. I'm in Tianjin for two weeks on business and can speak intermediate Chinese with a problematic ability to understand any words with extra "r's"! I'd like to take a cab to the fast train station in Tianjin and then go to Wangfujing Da Jie. I could take the subway in Beijing as I've done that before. Thanks for any info!
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  4. Thank you, @davoosh -- Agree with you that the variety of fresh vegetables here is nothing short of amazing. Every time I go to the market I see new ones that I've never noticed before. It's always an adventure to learn how to use some of these strange items in my kitchen. When something is in season and I see it being featured left and right, on sale for a low price in big heaps at the market, it makes me want to give it a whirl. An embarrassing confession is that I try six or eight or even ten new recipes for every one that I deem successful enough to post here for folks to see. Appreciate your encouraging comments!
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  6. I think we're lacking a Confucius BTCSOL / CSC Bachelors specific forum. Can anyone shed some light on what these programs are like, with intensive language study first, then supposedly joining local Chinese for a degree taught in Chinese? BTCSOL is all that the Confucius Institute offers as far as Bachelor degree scholarships go, but CSC lets applicants choose their own degrees. Would love to hear from someone that's done a degree other than Chinese language or TCSOL as well, on scholarship or not! I'm thinking of applying for one of these programs in 2018, and have discovered (like everyone else, I'm sure) that there really is no comprehensible information available online... Help a girl out?
  7. So if you just apply to CSC and not CSC + each uni Then how do they know which program you want to do? You get to choose later or they just assign you? e.g. @Yamiiiiii if you apply to a uni for HR management how do they know if you want to do for example Bsc Analytics or Bsc Corporate Governance you know what I mean? HR management would be the department but each uni has different degrees under each department
  8. @foreigner2u It seems there was some confusion in what i stated. I'm sorry if my wording was ambiguous. I had a situation with the host university, so that's what I was referring to.
  9. @artfullounger theres no issue lol just curious how the application system works
  10. @vabian So what's the issue? You choose your courses once you get accepted. You list which programs you are applying for in your application.
  11. @artfullounger i am applying for masters degree
  12. Sounds like Dilbert land. In a world of Pointy Haired Bosses I think I would go full Wally.
  13. @vabbian Many of us are applying for degree programs.
  14. @Yamiiiiii It is not necessary to get a pre-admission letter from your chosen universities, but it can be very helpful in order to avoid getting recruited by a different one stated in the CSC application.
  15. @vabbian when applying through csc ,you list your three university choices,than what you woud like to study e.g i picked management sciences ,then human resource management under management sciences,i thought it wasn't necessary to communicate with the universities? or is it? maybe i dont understand the process fully
  16. I just thought I should say thank you for these recipes - I thoroughly enjoy reading them as I am a fan of cooking in general and Chinese culture, and they combine the two wonderfully. I really miss the variety of Chinese greens and wild vegetables, that variety just isn't easy to come by here. I especially like recipes which aren't too overpowering or complicated, but bring out the food's natural flavour and qualities. I think you manage to do this very well!
  17. Same here, I can't take this anymore! This *submitted* status gives no hopes...
  18. @Yamiiiiii I was under the impression that you have to apply to CSC and each uni simultaneously? If you just apply to CSC they don't have much indication of what course you want to study right? I mean you list the unis, and you have a study proposal but outside of that...
  19. oh okay ,thats why you know the status of each school, we will just have to wait ,i agree july is just too far and it really eating me up but patience is the key
  20. @Yamiiiiii Applied to CSC first and then on each university online portal my Tsinghua application says 2017-05-15 一志愿考核结果:未录取。Admission of first-preference: Not Accepted. I am glad they stopped sending emails trying persuading me to go to Wuhan university lol
  21. did you apply directly to the universities @vabbian atleast your application status has changed,mine still at submitted,and on top of that no one is responsive ,the embassy ect its really hard to wait on blank not knowing if you even made the cut
  22. ah the wait is going to kill me I am pretty sure it is Fudan who accepted me, as the application status has changed to "Uploaded documents are reviewed" Whereas my Peking application has not changed. I wish the process was faster! I want to know the result so I can get on with things like booking flights, consolidating my things here in London etc... Getting notified in late July for a August/September start is very impractical!
  23. @JellyfishMe too! haha I thought I misunderstood Opi's post when I saw the congratulations that's why I had to ask him The system may still be opened for applications but you're right ^^ it's better not to risk yourself by leaving everything to the last minute Although my CI told me that if I don't win the one year scholarship I can still ask Hanban to enable the system in order to apply for the one semester right away :O I'm not sure if that's possible though since apparently we will have the results in July >.< and that would be extremely late to submit a new application lol
  24. Maybe I can add some ~ / 我还可以加点儿~ 1.笑死我了 2.逗死了逗死了 These all mean something is really really really really funny so someone want to '笑'. / 这些的意思都是有些事非常非常好笑 And more frequently used in daily life. / 在生活中也更常用
  25. Hi ! I'm a french student, i will be studying at Chengdu next year. I will be going there with two friends of mine. Is anyone on this forum studying there or will be studying there ?
  26. @foreigner2u that's good to know that applications are still open! Also, you're absolutely right, it looks like Opi just got the uni's approval at this point - my bad, I didn't actually check the original post but just read other people's comments and jumped to conclusions haha.
  27. @Luxin Yeah as Jelly said if it's a technical issue then Hanban will definitely fix it immediately so better contact them. However I don't think applications are closed since I have a few classmates who are currently still making modifications in their applications and they don't have such problem in their system :O @Opi I'm glad that Hanban could fix your problem fast Now you can feel relieved and wait patiently for Hanban's final decision ^^ or the status update that they gave you was to grant you the actual scholarship (5th stage)?
  28. Hey, thanks for the info. Do you think I can teach French with a bachelor of marketing or do I need a master's degree ? I am considering getting a one-year degree in teaching french as a foreign language to match my diploma with my job. Would bachelor + this degree enough ? Thanks.
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