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  2. Yeah I'm sure it would be, just the thought of it is kind of tiring haha. Depends on how "good" you want to be. I mean you can say a whole sentence and maybe one word has a bad tone, but if the person you're speaking to is a native then it shouldn't really be a problem. Most native mandarin speakers I know understand the need to keep their ear out for misplaced tones when speaking to a foreigner. It's something to work on if you can, but I wouldn't stress over it too much
  3. No, credit/debit cards with the Union Pay logo issued outside Mainland China do not work on 12306. Besides, to register he would need a Chinese mobile number.
  4. Hi, I'm applying for CSC university program (and CIS) for MTCSOL in September. My preferred schools are: East China Normal Uni, Sun Yat Sen Uni and Xiamen Uni. Got a few doubts here: 1. I'll be studying at my previous uni in Jiangsu for 1 semester (march-august), do I still need to submit the foreigners physical exam (more than 6 months from Sept), even if I'm already in China with a residence permit? 2. Any universities for MTCSOL which gives pre-admission letters without award letter? Because I don't think I stand a chance for CSC via local ministry of edu (too corrupt here), I might only get a slim chance with a pre-admission (without prior award letter) but deadline just got announced as 6th March (super early this year). I saw in threads and websites that neither SYSU nor Xiamen give pre-admission without award, don't know about ECNU and time is tight. 3. So university program is my next best bet (after CIS). Is it relevant to apply multiple times via different university agencies with separate CSC accounts just to be on the safe side? Or do I apply only once and just write my 2 other preferred schools which will be considered if first one rejects me? 4. 经过公证的最高学历证明 which I presume is the graduation certificate or is it both graduation and bachelor certificate?I got both notarized by an official Chinese public notary and approved by both diplomatic affairs of China and Embassy of Mauritius in Beijing (regulations for Mauritian grads back then, really troublesome and expensive to get) but I presume a regular local notarized copy will do, I'd rather send that, wouldn't you? 5. Do all copies need to be notarized? Even HSK? What if I can get the school's red stamp instead? Any other piece of advice? Can anyone shed some light to this?
  5. I tried that but didn't make much progress and it was quite frustrating and demoralising.
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  7. thanks this is exactly what I need!! I can't believe I didnt think to check on taobao haha. i just bought one so i will update with my success or otherwise :-)
  8. As someone who has probably 80% of my tones correct in my vocab arsenal and the other 20% so-so, I'd say try to get it right. When I first started learning I had the same idea that I could always come back later to fine tune and maybe that can work. But if I could start over again I'd make sure to get every tone right for every word. Just my opinion
  9. When learning, do you want to get a word right perfect pronunciation all the time? It would take time. Or do you want to get it accurate to a point where you can use it, a native speaker can understand and then fine tune later?
  10. @Not Nicky Yes, the CEBP is what I was talking about. @Bambuszne They are both non-degree programs that are only available for foreign students, so I wouldn't expect any students of Fudan current or past to have any clue what they are. Keep in mind that my suggestion was to take these if your goal is to improve your Chinese. If you are looking for transfer credit, these are likely not suitable for you. But if you are already at HSK5, verging on HSK6, I feel strongly that there is not much point wasting your time in the language stream unless you need the credit. The courses under the CEBP and the CCSP are much more interesting, and give you a wider breadth of Chinese language usage that extends into non-language fields. Also one of the instructors arranged a field trip to his friends' factories where we got tours and treated to dinner and wine afterward haha so that was entertaining and informational.
  11. Lol the (in)famous 12306 captcha! Hey, welcome to Beijing. We have this big, beautiful wall~ (if you're American ). And other things worth seeing. But staying near one of the train stations is not a good idea.
  12. Is 清华 the best place to study history? Have you found a research area you are interested in? You do not want to make the mistake where you choose a good school, but do the kind of research where a different school is a better fit.
  13. From what I have heard, there are quite a few different consulates and other diplomatic representative offices in the US. I am not sure if there are any regional restrictions (if this is true: you can apply at only one embassy or consulate in the US) or you can apply anywhere in the US. In the second case, US citizens are lucky because they need one diplomatic office to recommend them and there are enough of them. I only know the official WeChat account of chinaconsulate_ny
  14. >>"Do you know the Chinese word for them?" 国际长途电话卡 https://shop105464562.world.taobao.com/
  15. It used to be enough to get your copies notarized by a notary public. However, there might be some changes this year and I am waiting to hear from the embassy.
  16. This depends on the scholarship, for the Marine Scholarship of China, choose B. For others, you should check. Read IdaCord's post above and ask the embassy or university where you are applying to confirm in case you are not sure.
  17. When I was in Beijing, I discovered a card you can use to make international phone calls. It was cheap and worked with my mobile phone. Not sure if these cards are available where you are right now. Have you moved places? I am not sure if these cards do not exist anymore. Do you know the Chinese word for them? It would be sad if they have been discontinued because using them was really convenient.
  18. Just out of curiosity, why would one use a "rice cooker app" one one's phone instead of just pressing the appropriate buttons on the rice cooker itself? (Yes, I'm a dinosaur 古代人。)
  19. This is something new and looks like it will be applied rigorously all over the world.
  20. I have a suggestion that is based on personal experience from 4 or 5 years ago. (So it might not still work today.) I have always used China Mobile for domestic and regional (inside Asia) calls. On request, they issued me a 5-digit dialing prefix and told me to use it when making international calls. Said it would reduce the cost by over half. Worked fine. Wouldn't hurt to just ask your China phone carrier if these exist where you are. Lately I always use Skype and have not tried to make calls to the US any other way. Skype usually gives me satisfactory speed when I use it at off-peak times, such as early mornings. Also, I don't use my VPN when connecting to Skype; that seems to allow it to work a little faster. I've used a phone card in the US to call China; but have not used one in the other direction. Know nothing about how to buy one here, but it seems from an internet search that they do exist. Use Baidu and enter 国际长途电话卡 as your search string.
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  22. there are not many public landlines which can allow overseas calling. I think phone cards would still be a good option, if they still exist. Has anyone done this recently?
  23. I wonder if you got a Union Pay card issued overseas such as by Bank of China Australia if that would work. You can get them at post offices all over Australia. Shouldn't be hard getting a Union Pay card in the US. Some guy on the Flyertalk has a Union Pay credit card issued by HSBC in the US.
  24. This is very good news. I am currently about to start No. 2 and being able to use TOFU with my textbook wordlist is exactly what I need. I will go and have a look ASAP. Thank you.
  25. Something you need to know about Beijing is that it is unwieldingly huge. I agree with 889, don't try staying near a train station. Try staying near a metro station instead. Pick a line that goes to the station of your choice, if you want more convenience. The metros are packed but good. For hostels, I've had good results finding places through Hostelworld and then just contacting them directly (or you could also book through the site of course). Also, does Jinmen qualify as a visa run? Seeing that in theory it's in the same country (even if in practice it isn't)? I was there in 2008 and things probably changed, but do check if there are actually convenient ways of getting to Jinmen from Xiamen. Because I wouldn't be surprised if you still have to fly through a Shanghai airport, in which case you might as well go to Thailand or Japan or something. I enjoyed my stay in Jinmen well enough, but it's not exactly a tourist destination and might be rather expensive to get to for what you get for your money. (But if you do go, make sure you check out the knife shop!)
  26. Yeah OCR errors can be real killers for us non-native speakers. I read one Gu Long book a few years ago and was really pleased with how easy, relatively speaking, I found it. Then more recently I tried another and found it really hard. There were definitely several errors that I could pick out in the text of that second novel, and I'd like to think that there were lots more which I didn't pick out as errors, which were making it really difficult. So I went onto amazon.cn and bought what I think is all of 古龙's books, 72 volumes anyway.... I bought it in kindle format, only cost 6.99 RMB! Haven't got round to reading any yet, but I'm hopeful it's clean*. I used some software to convert it into a text file and, comparing it with the text I was struggling with previously, there are hundreds of examples where it's clear my first text has a typo while the amazon text is correct. The amazon one also gives the same punctuation for the 突听风声急响... sentence as Publius provided. *at least one e-book I bought on amazon had typos and there's no guarantee that they don't sometimes sell paid copies of pirated texts that are freely available online.
  27. 1. Yes again to the first question, CGS online application submission first and then apply on University website also 2. You must open a new account because if you don't, it will cancel the first application. Good luck
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