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    Yunnan Normal University

    Yes, true. In fact it is an understatement. Are student visas even being given out currently to foreigners? I'm not positive, but I don't think so. That being said, the Yunnan Normal University thread here has never been very active. You might try sending a private message to someone who has posted actual information here in the past, for example @Spiff. You might also try searching the Kunming forum in the general "Living and Studying in China" discussion thread. It is more active, and some university information is posted there instead of here. https://www.chinese-f
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  4. Thanks Yanux for that info. I am finding I like this series very much having looked at far too many others. I think with the use of the newly published reading/writing and listening/speaking books it has become hard to beat ( for me anyway). Regards and thanks again.
  5. calculatrix

    Are these graded readers any good?

    I really like the ranbow bridge stories. I am currently at the lowest level. I bought the rainbow bridge starter bundle for Pleco, but I think there is no difference to the paper versions. What is in it: One story per book. All stories are written in (simplified) hanzi with no pinyin. Every story comes with a translation, some exercises and the solutions to the exercises. The stories I have read so far are old chinese myths and fairy tales. What I like: They are "real" stories. No stiffly choreographed dialogs of real life situations. No toddlers books. But stories with a st
  6. I have to say I have felt the same way - despite the fact that my professional life requires daily use of Chinese, I still really miss being in the hustle bustle of China, surrounded by potential conversations with all sorts of people from all walks of life. I particularly miss hearing local dialect, which I find so much more rewarding than the rather stark requirements of professional putonghua. I've actually started considering signing up for some speaking courses online until we can go back to China, just to open a dialogue back up.
  7. I thought I saw it being sold on Amazon and the likes, but now I start to believe those are all Chinese editions. I tried ctrl-f-ing through chapters around this one for occurances of "卫木匠", but I didn't manage to find him elsewhere. Is it better to discard this character or to decide that it's his surname? Thank you very much for 摊派, I was only looking at the familiar 派 part
  8. 摊派 according to my dictionary means 'to demand contributions', so he orders laborers from the villages he manages to work on his mansion. I'm afraid I don't understand the 卫 either. It could be the carpenter's surname, if this is a carpenter the reader already knows and it's relevant that Lu Zilin asks this specific carpenter, but from context that doesn't seem the most likely explanation. I thought perhaps it was a typo for 位, but from googling a bit, it doesn't seem to be. Also from what I find, I don't think there is an English translation of 白鹿原. Where did you find that th
  9. I have a simple question about "白鹿原" by 陈忠实. I know that there is an English translation for this novel, but I didn't manage to find in on the Internet, only the original in Chinese. There's a number of lines I don't understand in the part that I was tasked to translate. 1) 鹿子霖一上任乡约就施展出非凡的办事能力和组织才能。他用白鹿仓拨给他的十分有限的经费,在白鹿镇买下一院破落户的民房。房屋已经破败不堪,庭院里散发着一股酸滋滋臭烘烘的气味。他雇请来卫木匠,向所辖的十个村子摊派小工,把三间大厅和两间厢房全部翻修一新。 Here, I don't get 他雇请来卫木匠, precisely the 卫 part. Is it the carpenter's surname?.. Also, did I get it right: first, Lu Zilin hires a carpenter, then he sends unskilled laborers to the villages
  10. Can you post a picture of the ring and the characters? Hopefully we can help.
  11. So, most of the question has already been answered (payslips are for employers, invoices are for freelancers, banks give mortgages to freelancers - reluctantly, if at all - based on the past 3 years or whatever of income as shown in bank statements and tax returns, not based on invoices). Just to add that on bilibili (and xigua etc), while you do get money into your account without any explanation as to how it's calculated, that money is then in your bilibili account. If you want to withdraw it into your bank account and actually use it, you pay tax on it (I think it's brackets, like the
  12. My wife had this ring which was gifted to her by a friend. The ring is covered in symbols on the outside with some sort of oriental characters engraved on the inside. After she passed i found the ring and didnt think much of it other than it looked neat. So i never looked into the writings inside. A colleague of mine suggested the translation could have a deeper meaning. So for curiosity's sake can anyone tell me what language it is and also help me understand the translation of the script?
  13. Following the link, this looks to be the Rainbow Bridge series, which is decent. The stories in the lower levels of the series are a bit awkward due to the limited word list. However, I read the Level 3 and 4 books in that series and quite liked them. I believe the books are published by Sinolingua and the catalogue is here: http://www.sinolingua.com.cn/index.php?m=content&c=b&a=s&id=3 That website should also have the mp3 files for the audio of the books. I second antony's comment. The Mandarin Companion books are definitely the best graded read
  14. MastaJiaoshou

    Yunnan Normal University

    Wondering if anyone has studied at YNU in the past 4 years? no movement on this forum for a while. I am interested in a semester or 2 there. any info about experience would be grateful. I know that covid has screwed up much.
  15. Yeah, I suppose I left that unsaid but part of the reason I need to find clubs to socialise is that almost all of my social life is in tatters thanks to almost 15 months straight being in some stage of lockdown (I'm in Melbourne). On the flip-side it does present me an opportunity to look at the kind of social life I want to have and take steps to realise it, rather than just going with the flow which so often leads to hanging out with the same people, doing the same things.
  16. This could be a factor. I am probably just missing out on that community that I had before the pandemic. A lot of it went online and I just couldn't get into it anymore. But now that things are coming back I'll keep my eyes peeled.
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  18. If that's how you feel, then maybe that's something worth pursuing? Why not do something with it after all? Join a local meet-up or something, you can use it to socialise or enjoy cultural events. I dunno your particular situation but one thing I've done this semester at University is seek out Mandarin language clubs. If it bothers you that you're not using it more, then find excuses to use it more. Socialising isn't a time-waste despite how we often feel about "being productive" these days.
  19. Agree with @antony -- Cut my teeth on Chinese Breeze and Mandarin Companion. Why go with some sort of odd-ball, off-brand nonsense? Stick with the winners. I guess my advice would be different if someone is offering to give you those (the ones to which you linked.) "Make the procurement process easy" is advice number two. Don't want to get delayed, diverted and derailed by a "resource hunt." If you have something handy, use it. Start now. Don't let finding the ideal materials be an excuse to procrastinate.
  20. A couple years ago I went to a night-time solo piano concert at Hong Kong University. Had seen it advertised in posters on the walls of the metro. I knew what building I had to find and I arrived on campus in plenty of time. But Google wasn't cutting it with the step-by-step last part of getting me to the concert hall. Changing levels was involved. I asked a small group of student-age people. I asked in Mandarin, they replied in English. If I had known how to ask in Cantonese, that's what I would have done. They were nice about it and I thanked them, went on my way. Oftentimes ask
  21. I've been studying for 10+ years and I occasionally bump up against this... I simply have no practical use for my Chinese abilities. It sure is a fun and rewarding hobby most of the time but I don't use it for work, I don't have any Chinese friends or family in my immediate vicinity, and there are no other interactions in my daily life which would require me to use it much at all. I like Chinese movies and novels but again there are few I know who share those interests. I guess it is strange to think this way because there are plenty of people who speak Chinese far better than I d
  22. A simpler audio version: https://youtu.be/xJis9TSw1rE?t=32
  23. Timeline of the dynasties: https://lensdump.com/i/ZzoQE0 These dynasty names are often used in literature, people's names/titles, stories, etc. -- anytime you feel lost for not having a time reference for these dynasties, just swipe open your desktop!
  24. I have gone through all Boya books up until the 1st advanced one and can provide some clarity. Only the beginner Boya series (初级 I and II - green colored books) come with a workbook. In the quasi-intermediate series (准中级 I and II - blue coloured books) the workbook has been integrated into the textbook. From intermediate (purple coloured books) onwards there are no more workbook style chapters and how the series is built up changes significantly. I still find the Boya series one of the most in-depth series which does not stop at 5000 words and consideres HSK 6 / 5000 words just abo
  25. StChris

    Anime mandarin dubs?

    Thanks for asking this question, it is something I want to know myself. Netflix has a very good selection of classic Studio Ghibli anime films and the Mandarin dubs are all very good. Surprised to see so many more Cantonese dubs than Mandarin on those websites EricJMa recommended. I guess it was just a more lucrative market up until recently. I just found the Mandarin dub of Demon Slayer, so I think I'll rewatch that over the next couple of weeks (Netflix doesn't have that dub) 鬼灭之刃国语在线播放第1集-卡通站 (ktkkt.top)
  26. I couldn't get into the link. However Chinese Breeze are good books. Not the most dynamic stories, but for Graded Readers, very good. They are also graded quite well and contain no Pinyin. If outside of China, Mandarin Companion are the best to buy by far. Well graded, no pinyin, well written and very engaging stories. I hope this helps.
  27. NinKenDo

    Anime mandarin dubs?

    That's great, I'm already rewatching Bleach now thanks to you. Sad knowing that the series falls apart after Soul Society Arc, but too damn nostalgic. These are perfect.
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