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  2. @Luxi thanks for the links! Yellow Bridge does indeed a better job, it lists the radical as 又, while both Pleco and HanziCraft say it is卩.
  3. That's good to know. I've been using Etymology for a long time but never questioned. Great, I didn't know that site, thank you!
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  5. Well, that's true, but in cases in which it's not actually 月 or 肉, we call those empty components. That is, it looks like one thing, but doesn't have its meaning or sound. Well, it's not 卩, it's actually 又. 祭 was a picture of a hand 又 holding a piece of meat 肉 over a sacrificial altar 示. Well, he's digitized a few books: 金文編, 甲骨文編, and 六書通. That's useful and cool, but those are all fairly dated (especially the last one) and scholars have revised their views on many of the ancient forms in those books. But I wouldn't say the other information on that site was good or reliable. Much of what he says is way outside the mainstream scholarly view. 小學堂 is great for looking up ancient character forms. Much more up to date, but they don't do much in the way of explanation.
  6. Yellowbridge does quite a good job with lists of components. Here's their breakdown of 擦 http://www.yellowbridge.com/chinese/character-etymology.php?zi=擦# Another site that gives good information and has an amazing collection of old characters is Richard Sears' Etimology. http://www.chineseetymology.org/CharacterEtymology.aspx?submitButton1=Etymology&characterInput=
  7. Looks like I didn't see this thread until more than a year later. Still, I'd like to clarify that in traditional (note, lowercase t) regular script, all components that look like 月 (or ⺝) are in complementary distribution, which means that in no cases does it make a morphological difference whether a 月-looking thing is etymologically a 肉 or 舟 or 月. The Taiwanese standard typefaces created this distinction, and Outlier's posters were made to reflect that.
  8. Thanks @OneEye I hadn't noticed the Outlier among Pleco dictionaries or, better said, I didn't think it could be useful also for beginners, "etymology dictionary" sounds a bit intimidating to someone who's just started studying chinese. My problem actually is with the variant forms of the radicals, I couldn't find any reliable source that lists them all, for example, in the character 擦, it took me forever to find out the top part under 宀 is actually 月 and 卩, and I'm still not so sure about 卩. I find Pleco characters decomposition and www.hanzicraft.com useful, but I don't know how reliable they are. Thanks for the info!
  9. I'm sure you're right - they are still there just as they always were, but you can't just call in and find them. Maybe they are there in the evenings, but best to contact them by email first. I don't t know if they own the building and hire out during the day, or if ILS own it and Meridian hire it in the evening, but it doesn't say 'Meridian' anywhere. I only saw somethingfunny's post by accident. Where is Practical Mandarin? This must be it: https://practicalmandarin.co.uk/about-our-mandarin-school/ I had forgotten all about these threads. I have given up intermediate classes and at the moment I am not doing anything. There are classes at Imperial College and King's College too. The later two I did were another one at SOAS and one at the University of Westminster. I didn't report on them. SOAS are not really keen to make classes available, as far as I can tell, and would say a class won't be taking place, letting you down at the last minute. The University of Westminster was good and not so expensive, but the teacher obviously didn't like me - she seemed to prefer younger students. I remember her favourite student asking me in the break, 'Why is she treating you like this?', so it wasn't just my imagination. Eventually I decided that it is too difficult for me to fit into these classes. If there were only three or four students, it might work, but with nine or ten (which you probably need to be able for the college to finance the course) the levels and experience are just too varied. After that I found a teacher for individual classes, but I couldn't work out exactly what I wanted so I decided to take a break.
  10. It may be pedantic, but 月 in a Chinese character came from six different sources, and four of them resulted in the radical 月。 月、肉、舟、朋 (a pictogram 象形字)、丹、冒。The first four became the radical 月, but technically all are written slightly differently in traditional Chinese calligraphy. 丹 became the bottom part of 青, and the top part of 冒 became the bottom part of 胄.
  11. @Yamiiiiii My status is In progress since May. @Ramloc17 Yeah,Thank you..Getting closer. We must believe we will get the scholarship.
  12. of csc doesnt work out for me this year ,il make sure il do things on my own next year. @Ramloc17
  13. No worries! That's actually from a set of PDF posters my company (Outlier Linguistics) publishes. You can find the posters here, and a demo of our dictionary for Pleco here. Keep in mind that the full character for meat is 肉. The distinction I was talking about above only applies when talking about character components.
  14. The more I know about tofu, the more complex the subject seems to become. There are so many little wrinkles and tricks in making it and there are so many different kinds, that I no longer could even pretend to know what "normal tofu" even means. The main variables that I see day to day in the market are, first of all the shape, and second of all how dry or wet it is. That influences how it is best prepared, how it is best used. The tofu most often used for grilling over coals 烤豆腐 is firm and shaped in small bricks or brickettes. When I tell the tofu seller I want to saute it in a pan 煎, then they give me tofu that comes in small sheets, with a firm center (as in the first recipe above.) They call this 老豆腐。If I tell the vendor I want to make 包浆豆腐 (which has a soft, runny center,) then they give me small-sheet tofu that is quite a bit softer. They usually call this 生豆腐。Both this and 老豆腐 have been briefly air dried; they have a thin crust. But if I tell them I plan to use it in a soup, such as in this recipe with green pea shoots 豌豆尖, they give me tofu that has not been air dried at all. https://www.chinese-forums.com/forums/topic/47614-wandoujian-toufu-soup-豌豆尖豆腐汤/ If I tell them I want to use it in a stir fry, I'm more likely to get noodle-like strands of it or thin strips of 豆腐皮 and so on. Plus we should not forget stinky tofu 臭豆腐, smoked tofu 熏豆腐干,and many other seasoned kinds. Tofu in China is a large subject and my grasp of it is small. Afraid I'm still a "tofu novice."
  15. Looks amazing, Shelley! Very jealous. One of my students just gave me a giant bag of American cherries and it reminded me of the fruits I'm missing back home - New York strawberries, blackberries, and blueberries are just coming into season so it's a pretty delicious time. Peaches come in late July/August, but mostly from farther south. Agree that the seasonal nature of food is great. We have the same issue - I can get strawberries year round as the market rotates from NY to Canadian, then down to Mexico, Chile, etc. The imported ones never taste as good, but I still feel tempted to buy them. It makes the seasonal fruit feel less special. Back to seasonal crops here, feels good. Have always been daunted by jarring fruits. Heard too many horror stories from an overly cautious grandmother. Finally jarred some a year ago but grandma asked me on a weekly basis whether I'd get botulism or e coli, etc. Something I need to learn.
  16. That looks and sounds delicious, @Shelley. Those branches are really loaded! Actually, the whole life cycle of these fruit trees is one of life's small miracles, from the pretty blossoms on the branches to the bounty of the ripe fruit. We have an early cherry season here, end of February and early March. Many years ago, in central Texas, I had two peach trees in my back yard that produced a rich harvest, and so I ate, put up, and gave away so much great fruit that it spoiled me for life. I didn't know how to can the peaches, but I sliced and froze them in a sugar syrup, using special thick plastic freezer bags. By all means, please do. Here in Yunnan I've had the privilege of discovering so much tropical fruit that was nearly impossible to find back in the US, and I've learned that the seasons for most of them are quite short. So enjoying this or that when available has become one of those "seize the moment" life lessons. Blink twice and it's gone. Wish I could drop by your estate for a slice of home-made cherry pie and a cup of English tea. Plus a scoop of ice cream with the pie, please.
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  18. They replied mine, but it was not related to any scholarship.
  19. Guys, graduate office doesnt reply any of my emails. wat about u???
  20. @Cheenchin Hanban is saying that Guangdong university is irresponsable
  21. @Yamiiiiii Some things need to be said, AGENTS are there to rip you off. simple as that. always remember that Yamiii if you arent too old, you can apply to universities directly next year and you will probably get in some school or the other no matter how bad your grades are. in a country like china which offers so many scholarships im amazed at how many agents are out there! Dont lose hope you might still get CSC, the status isnt updated very often so dont go by that.... mine is still submitted and I am at the final stage lol. @VL02 Yes maaaaam, if the university has your application you definitely made it through the embassy!
  22. Did your status just change today? @VL02 ,I Sent an email to two different universities,my options 1 and 2 three weeks ago ,and they still haven't responded.i also applied through the embassy and they also ddnt respond to their emails,and my status is still submitted,so basically im still blank and its killing me ,not knowing if my documents even passed the embassy screening.been waiting for a response since 20th march also by the way,if any of you recall,i did ask for validation about sicas about a month ago,i felt i needed plan B in case plan A didn't work and guess what happened,i wasted 200$,so basically what happened ,i signed up on the site,after confirming that it was legit ,by contacting friends in china and looking up through other forums,so i was given reason to believe and trust they could help me. few hours after signing up in the sicas site i received a whatsapp message from one of the agents.obviously i was very excited seeing a +86... number,so she asked what i needed and i mentioned wanting a scholarship ,full,right now money is a big issue ,and of course she guaranteed 100%services,we exchanged information(grades ,personal information etc ) ,i did also mention to her that i applied for csc ,funny tho she kept on telling me i had little or no chance of receiving this particular scholarship,she had me convinced that i would surely get what she was recommending ,so i invested a lot of my time and what little money i had to get to what she had to do ,halfway through the process she kept on mentioning partial scholarships,and i told her i couldn't afford ,even if the scholarships covered up a bit,so i was very straightforward and blunt and cut her of when she kept on talking about partial scholarships ,i told her that if she couldnt help me then that was okay ,but what you're offering is not what need right now.from that very moment i stopped communicating with her. few weeks later she sends me a message thro app again,this time asking if i wanted full scholarship,i then said yes of course,obviously she had my attention again,this time only promising full scholarship,i believed now that we understood each other,and we where on the same page,so we spoke and i pulled my parents into the situation,another thing that kept on bothering me was how she didn't give me much of an option when it came to the university.so i told her what i wanted to study ,and she gave me one school.she said it was a good school and kept on praising the place,but i had reason to believe i deserved more then one option (you know),so i pushed her for other schools,that she knew where offering full scholarship for my course ,and after a long chat she finally pulled out a few schools,obviously making them look bad,telling me i wouldn't get the scholarships in those schools any way ,so is should stick to the first one she had brought up.so finally i agreed with her.i looked up the university ,the area it was in ,and i wasn't really pleased with the place,it was beautiful ,but not exactly what i wanted,but because i was desperate i just agreed and trusted her, so we carried on and she told me an application fee was needed (obviously), 200$,i thought that wasn't so bad,cause i have friends that paid up 600$ for application fees through agents.so to me 200 dollars was not a lot,we sent the money,and she confirmed that it was received by the school,and that my application documents have been sent in, and that i should wait.so i waited.after a month of bugging her she told me the school had accepted me,and i was so happy,then she told me we have to wait for scholarship confirmation,which then a month later she told me i got the scholarship,i was beyond happy ,i remember jumping up and down and calling my mother,so then i told her to send me the admission letter,so i read through it with tears flowing down my cheeks,i was just so happy,reading through the letter i realized i received a partial scholarship,one that didn't even cover a third of the tuition fees,first year i was to be self sponsored, then second year the scholarship would be effective,also it didn't cover accommodation and other things. the pain i felt afterwards was unbearable.so i went back to her ,obviously i was angry,i asked her why she lied and why she falsely persuaded me into going through with something she knew she couldn't offer,she then said i should be thanking her,talking about if it wasn't for her i wouldn't have gotten any scholarship.i was so angry ,i just stopped talking to her at that very moment. to be honest i would have taken up the offer ,but right now ,financially we are struggling at home,to think i had told her in the very beginning that if she couldn't help get a FULL,then she shouldn't bother,but no she felt the need to ruffle up my emotions.so obviously i felt bad convincing my parents to pay an application fee for something that was sketchy. so a month later she sends a whatsapp message to my mom ,and tells her that some boy just turned down a scholarship ,for the same course i had applied for ,she had the audacity,guess what ,she then says she can help me get it,but because my grades arent competitive enough she recommends we pay for the sicas package ,which includes the head of the branch going straight to the school and recommending me ,my mom asked how much,and she said 4000-6000$,honestly i laughed so hard,i just took my moms phone and blocked her,took my phone also and blocked her. so basically what im saying is ,i felt completely ripped off,i dont know ,maybe some people actually got the help they needed from sicas,but for me,just gave me a reason never to trust agency companies,from now on im doing things on my own.Just thought i should let you guys know about my experience ,and hopefully help those considering getting help from sicas,my friend applied through cucas(ill let you know if that goes well) sorry for having to read this,it was too long,but i just needed a place to vent out
  23. I study with practical mandarin in london I liked the fact that the number of students they have and small classes sizes means they can teach across a lot of levels of skill. I have been learning there two years and really enjoy it. i did almost sign up for meridian they did reply to my emails some time ago even though the website was old.
  24. @Ramloc17 Ok thanks. Btw im a girl. i have applied through the Embassy. At least my document has passed the embassy appraisal. Right?
  25. @VL02 im not an expert bro, but its clearly written the CSC is still processing your application.....but has also asked the school about your admission. things look good but its still at csc approval stage.
  26. @OneEye Sorry, I know this post is more than one year old, but I came across those two images you posted (with the taiwanese characters for moon and meat), and I was wondering is they are from a book or from some online resource. I'm currently in Taiwan and if it's a book I'd like to check if they have it in the library. Do you happen to have the reference?
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