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  2. My drivers license has my Chinese name on it and Tao Bao deliveries. When I registered my new apartment the other day, the police officer asked me if I had a Chinese name(in addition to the name on my passport)so I gave it to her. Its kind of funny that they want to some made up name, like if I was Chinese and said my English name is Johnson! Actually, when I applied for the DL, I thought it would have both names, but it turned out they only used the Chinese name.
  3. Todays hours 3 hours Spent the whole day procrastinating, now trying to get some hours in... I discovered a new app, first paid one, called stickystudy. It made me realise I was learning all my vocab as units and not the individual characters. E.g. I can recognise bei zi for cup but not bei or zi by themselves 🤦‍♀️ so kinda feels like staring afresh.. For the example may just focus on units though, will be faster, but then again the ground work of individual characters can give me gain later... sigh. 2 hours 10 min -> Coursera. finished week 3 then did all of we
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    This is from a book of Chinese jokes that I bought 20+ years ago. The only joke in the book that brought smile on my face. (*romantic moment, husband and wife together in bed*) Husband: I am water, you are fish. Wife: Oh, how sweet. Fish cannot live without the water. Husband: Yes, but water can live without fish. 😐 Have to find that book... this is the only joke that I remember...
  5. When entering China, I always write my Chinese name on a form that you have to fill in at the airport. It's for safety reasons. All Chinese friends (and also police and security) know me by my Chinese name. If something happens to me, then they and police will find me quickly.
  6. I use my Chinese name on Taobao deliveries. These days I don't have any official Chinese documents that don't use my actual passport name. It's possible the international school I work for has documents like my work permit with a Chinese name, but nothing I've ever seen. I haven't bothered with getting a driver's license yet. Eion
  7. Because Barney is purple so comes before the whale which is blue. I chose objects that matched the colors and then visualized imagery based on that. As for how the swan crushed the whale, the imagery doesn’t have to be real or make sense it just needs to be vivid. I also use imagery rather than narrative - I don’t recite a narrative to go through the colors I just visualize the image and can also do it quickly - it’s just that I can’t do it in the correct order without that imagery - there is a middle step needed (imagery) to get the list. Focus mostly on the words you
  8. Well this really shows the importance of creating your own ways of remembering things. This story seems completely random and useless to my brain, like why did the dinosaur get eating by a whale rather than vice versa, and how did a swan crush a whale, etc etc... So you need something that clicks with your own way of thinking naturally. As for this last sentence I quoted: Interestingly, I can recite the colors as fast as I can say them with my method, perhaps because I used imagery rather than narrative.
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    The Chinses residents of the district affected by plague have learned that dead rats are more dangerous with regard to transmitting plauge than live rats. When the people hear rats squirming around in the corners of their houses, they are relieved that the rats are still alive, so 悬在喉口的心放下一半. I read this as their hearts which have been hanging in their throats (due to the anxiety they are feeling) settle half way down into their chests . Is this a standard expression of some kind, as in English we say we have a lump in our throat, or that our heart are in our mouth?
  11. Tello doesn't offer international roaming as such. You need to bootstrap through wifi. "Unfortunately, we do not offer roaming services or national roaming at this time. However, while you are abroad you can call over WiFi using your account balance with our app, My Tello." https://tello.com/help_center If you're relying solely on the Tello app, you'd have to confirm the app can connect to Tello through the Great Firewall.
  12. You're welcome. I hope the $20 of learning to read the small print before paying for anything was helpful.
  13. Yes, I think I pay $4 a month. I just go it from tello.com
  14. This is really old, but did you succeed? My understanding is that you go to a notary, make and sign some sort of official declaration, then use that declaration to register your new name at various places.
  15. You have to look carefully at the terms of that SIM. Normally you can activate international roaming without charge, paying only for calls and data actually used. Most importantly receiving SMS messages while roaming overseas is usually free. But you'll have to check your SIM plan. Check too whether you can use WIFI calling with both the SIM and your phone. (I'm assuming you have a "live" SIM in the US which is costing you each month.)
  16. I already have a US sim. It is in the US in a phone. Are you suggesting that I have the sim sent here and put it in a phone here? and use the US phone number here? I only need to use it a few times a month - never get phone calls or anything else with it.
  17. The VOIP numbers you get from GV and other third-party virtual services are unreliable when it comes to receiving those confirmation codes. May work sometimes then stop. Plus, what do you do when your bank needs to speak with you? You need a real US SIM. Look into Ultramobile's $3/month very basic SIM. But someone in the US will have to buy and activate it there for you.
  18. Search on the App Store for "burner phone", you're gonna have a lot of options with US numbers. Some of them are completely free and some of them you'll have to pay $1 for each SMS message. If you need further instructions let me know.
  19. Imron, what about words that are abstract (= no "object" to think of)?
  20. I am applying this from now on. This must improve effective recall and processing time of mind shortens for each word, Composition also improves and many more I imagine. Let me unlearn the old habit and learn this new habit and be it part of my learning process. @somethingfunny @Insectosaurus thanks for further explanation. started applying..
  21. And I would argue that it's absolutely not (but one can of course use it if one prefers it). I still to this day prefer the English-Swedish dictionary than any other and my comprehension is at a near native level, both reading and listening. I'm way worse at actually using the language, but the reason for that is probably that I never do, apart from posting here or being on vacation. A monolingual dictionary wouldn't take me much further, speaking the language daily would.
  22. Or, in other words, no language is the translation of another language. 蘋果 is the Chinese word for the delicious red/green fruit that goes surprisingly well with cheese. This is why it’s important to use target language dictionaries once you can.
  23. Memorizing vocab has never been a problem for me, so I might as well tell you how I've been doing it for quite a while now. Sentences. All words I study I try to learn I learn in context, or what is basically known as sentence mining. However my sentences I always take from dictionaries, because I want an English translation of the entire sentence. I've never one felt it hindering my learning, but rather increasing it since I will really have to understand *why* that sentence means that, not just what the words in it mean. This method will not help you remember the word out of the blue next ti
  24. When you think of the word 蘋果, rather than thinking ‘apple’ you can instead visualize an apple and think of 蘋果 as another word to represent that concept. When you hear or see 蘋果 you can then directly think of the object this word represents without any intermediate steps. You can apply this concept to most words.
  25. Thank you. Skype? "You can receive SMS messages on your US Skype Number from US and Canadian mobile numbers. However, SMS messages sent from services such as identity verification are not supported on US Skype Numbers." I wasted about $20 learning this the hard way. https://support.skype.com/en/faq/FA34884/how-do-i-receive-sms-text-messages-in-skype
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