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  2. That's interesting, as once it's .mobi it can go onto a Kindle. What's the overseas registration / payment like for Douban, does anyone know?
  3. Since my last post about downloading documents from Baidu and Docin got such an overwhelmingly positive response, I thought I would share this too. I was kind of forced to buy a book on Douban but their platform doesn't really make the material very accessible for studying, and a PDF would be much better. I found this Chrome plugin that will download the book and (for some mystifying reason) email it to you. It has a good rating so I downloaded and ran it. It emailed me a .mobi which I bravely imported into Calibre and converted to PDF without any problems. It even kept the pictures which was nice. https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/gk7-豆瓣阅读推送/lmiobbkpdjmkfhgagdkpgbgonkogbllb/related?hl=zh-CN Disclaimer: I have nothing to do the people who make this. If you are afraid of downloading files that have been emailed to you by a random Chrome plugin, and you don't trust your anti virus software to say it's virus free, then this might not be for you.
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  5. Lu

    Your New English Words

    Okay, well if they say it's really not related, I guess that must be true...
  6. Lu

    Your New English Words

    Cinders, perhaps?
  7. @kouch Could you tell us what center was fine with you being abroad signing up through them? I live in Taiwan so I'm interesed too.
  8. roddy

    Your New English Words

    cinereous - ash-gray in colour. See ceniza, ash, in Spanish, but can't think I can come up with any other English words with the same root.
  9. @mungouk yes, might be the case. I contacted another centre in Germany, they seem to be fine with it, i'll confirm with them and will update you Thanks! Kenza
  10. Ah I assumed you were in the US since you were talking about the Cleveland CI. In any case, I think this is the reason for the "rule" that you have to be in the same country where the test is conducted. (Also same timezone!?) This is all my assumption.
  11. @mungouk But all the people who will attend this 9am exam will also have advance knowledge, whether it's me or them doesn't make a different, right? I live in Qatar, where there's just 1 hour of difference with Germany. If the test is at 9am is Germany, I'll make sure I'm connected at 10am here to join the exam. Does that make sense ? Kenza
  12. Yes, but if you do that then you will have advance knowledge of the test in the US, when it finally comes around at 9am local time... you see?
  13. @mungouk Hi, thanks. Sorry, maybe I was not clear, but I actually want to attend the test at the same time as everyone. If the test is at 9am in Germany, I'll join at this time. Not at my 9am, if that makes sense
  14. mungouk

    WeChat "Help Friend Log In"

    You can get unblocked by putting a request in at the WeChat help center. The link is in one of the several other threads on this same topic.
  15. I suppose this is a very weak attempt at security...? The tests all seem to be organised according to local time, 9am for HSK 2, 4, 6 and 1.30pm for HSK 1, 3, 5. So for example if you're in the US but doing a test at 9am in Germany that would mean you could take it again — or maybe advise a friend on the contents — at 9am local time in the US.
  16. Hi guys, I came to know that the Confucius Institute in Erfurt, Germany, is running the exam in October. I contacted them but they told me that I'm not allowed to take the exam as I don't live in Germany... Has someone experienced that before? Kenza
  17. Leeds Confucius Institute (UK) will also be running the at home test on 12 December, for levels 1-4: https://twitter.com/LeedsConfucius/status/1308753822798483459
  18. Thank you! I hope they will restore the connection. I might as well skip the "real" December test due to the panademic situation (we only have HK twice a year over here), and if there is no computer test, I will have more time to prepare for the March exam date.
  19. It's not specific, I'm afraid, so you'll have to explain it a bit. For example, 那個電台有個知心姐姐欄目,很多聽眾在節目裡向知心姐姐訴說情感上的煩惱。
  20. bump...hoping someone might be able to help me out here. Also wondering if someone in China might also work (the instructions are vague).
  21. Wasn't 知心姐姐 a specific agony aunt in the children's paper though? Or did it become a generic term after her?
  22. Yes, I can stay as long as I like for the duration of the whole permit and even only have to register with the local PSB on renewal. I went once to register again after a trip overseas and was told there was no need.
  23. Got it, thanks, but does your permit allow you stay for more than 180 days each year without ever having to exit (which would be the definition of "resident" in most places)? Maybe the source of my confusion is that now I hold a Q2 visa, which is specifically meant for <180-day stays, while if I had applied for a Q1, I'd have exchanged my 签证 for a 居留许可 at some point. I think.
  24. gixxuexihanyu

    Learning Strategy - Building Vocab

    Thanks for sharing your experience Mark, it is a very valuable input for me.
  25. It might be in cases like mine where I have a residence permit valid for two years at each renewal that allows me to leave China and come back without needing any other visa. So if you had travelled on a similar permit and then not been allowed back, now you can come. Only my speculation by the way, not really followed the precise current rules.
  26. 知音/知心姐姐 (rather than 知音大姐)might be a good option. If the lady is much much older than you, however, 知音/知心阿姨 will be better.
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