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  2. Thanks. I guess I have assumed that some works in Chinese are in the public domain maybe because I am accustomed to the fast and loose treatment of copyright laws in the mainland. In the past a lot of links to sites that had books available for free download were available on these forums. I am especially looking for 平凡的世界 and 家。I also don't mind paying for books since Chinese books are usually pretty cheap at least compared to the US. Also thanks for the warning about pdf files - nice to know I'm not paranoid after all.
  3. fabiothebest

    best/safest source for Chinese books in pdf form

    well, it depends if you want to pay for it or not. I'm not sure links to paid books available on some websites as free download are allowed on this forum. Since you are careful about clicking on links that may be unsafe (for good reason), it'd be recommended that at least you scan the pdf files before opening them if you doubt about their safety. Also pdf files can contain malware (I'm a security researcher also dealing with malware analysis :P).
  4. WeChat newbie here. I've now been blocked like this on 2 different accounts since December... what's this "Abnormal activity" they're talking about? My first account was linked to a Singapore mobile number, and I contacted a friend also using a SG number to get me unblocked, but he followed the instructions and the option to unblock my account wasn't even there. My second account was linked to a UK mobile, and I don't know anyone using it in the UK to help me get it unfrozen. Is there another way? EDIT: OK I just stumbled across the WeChat Help Centre web page and requested unblocking there. Let's see. I'm in the middle of negotiating a job in PRC at the moment and suddenly having WeChat accounts go dead with no warning is a real PITA. Thanks!
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  6. I'm looking for a good and safe website for downloading Chinese ebooks in pdf form. I am a little overwhelmed by the internet and baidu wenku. I'm wary of clicking on links that may be unsafe. Perhaps pdf's are safe files but I'm not sure. (I did a search in the forums but a lot of the threads were pretty old.) Thanks!
  7. Flickserve

    Would it be good...

    ....is a favourite song of mine by Nik Kershaw. Wouldn’t it be good to just get a bit of time to oneself just to study without life getting in the way. It’s been very busy. At at least I have glossika to fall back on. It’s now very convenient - connect up my earphones, go into the browser on my phone and start the course. If I don’t finish, then do some reps later at another time. So far I have managed about five days out of seven for the last three weeks. Nice.
  8. I've finally fully solved this issue! ñ_ñ If you’re interested too, this is what you need to do: Download the ViolentMonkey extension (TamperMonkey and GreaseMonkey seem to do exactly the same in case you run into any issues with VM). Download the Netflix Subtitle Downloader script (ViolentMonkey will take care of that file and make it run properly in the browser). Switch Netflix’s interface language to Chinese (only if you're not able to see “Chinese” among the subtitle options). Load the movie/series you're interested in. Download the subtitles by clicking on “Download the subs for this episode” (which should be displayed on the right side of the subtitles menu). Use a tool like SubtitleEdit to convert the subtitles files to SRT format (this step is necessary because the subtitles will be downloaded in VTT format). This software even contains a batch convert option that will allow you to convert multiple subtitle files at once and keep them as individual files at the same time. Go to Subtitle Merger to merge your desired SRT files into one (to have two different languages shown at the same time on screen, I would advice you to select the “nearest cue” option). If you wish to play your custom subtitles in Netflix too: Go to SubFlicks to convert your SRT subtitles to DXFP format (Netflix’s video player is only able to load DXFP subtitles). Download the Super Netflix extension and load your custom subtitles (this extension will add a series of options on the top part of the Netflix’s video player that will allow you to load your custom subtitles, which will be automatically displayed after loaded). Hope this helps someone out there! ^_^
  9. Hello I own an antique Chinese incense burner Fangding with cloisonne enamel. It has been in my family for 100 years. We are nearly certain it is from the Qing Dynasty late 17th , early 18th century I need help translating the inscription on the bottom. I appreciate all help and any insights into this beautiful antique. Thank you
  10. Got it guys! Thank you for your help ! :)
  11. Episode 8 But it looks so different from Yang Mingyu's version...
  12. Note that those are 60-year cyclical dates, so if the dating is accurate it could be any multiple of 60 years forwards (or backwards, theoretically). As well, anything you bought recently on the market with a Qianlong stamp is most likely recent manufacture, inconceivably actually dating to Qianlong era. Just look at the sloppy handiwork. Beyond belief this would have graced the imperial presence. But no photo, so what more can we say?
  13. 己亥 1899 馬紹先 Ma Shaoxian 壬辰 1892 ?(illegible) 周樂元 Zhou Leyuan 乾隆年製 Made during the reign of Qianlong Emperor (1736-1795)
  14. Looks good! Don't think I could manage the deep fry step at home.
  15. abcdefg

    China pollen calendar

    Yes, you are right. The farther south you go, the earlier trees and shrubs flower in the spring. In Yunnan it also depends to some extent about whether you are up in the mountains (like in Lijiang and Shangri-La) or at a lower elevation (like Kunming or Yuanyang.) As a possibly-useful reference point, the cherry trees begin booming in Kunming in mid to late February. I don't have a specific calendar of likely times for the trees you are most concerned about.
  16. 889

    China pollen calendar

    The Weather Channel provides pollen forecasts in English for China: https://weather.com/en/forecast/allergy/l/CHXX0008:1:CH Note there may be other trees, like gingko, that are common in China which might also give you a problem. There's at least one tree that sets me sneezing no matter the season.
  17. Looks delicious! 黄焖鸡 is big in Kunming. I'm currently back in the US, or I would follow your recipe and whip some up tonight. --------------------------- One episode of the 《天涯厨王》TV series dealt with finding a top recipe for 黄焖鸡。The traveling chef researched various approaches in a small town near Dali 大理 (Yunnan) and served on a panel of local contestants producing their versions of it. http://tv.cctv.com/2015/03/16/VIDA1426477693181371.shtml Not sure which episode.
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  19. Hi everyone, I hope it is ok that I am posting to this forum because I just have a travel related question. We want to travel to china this spring and because I am allergic to birch, hazel and ash-tree pollen and I would like to avoid the peak flowering time of these trees. I can't find helpful resources on this in English so I wanted to ask if someone knows Chinese sites that provide a pollen calendar similar like here: https://www.metoffice.gov.uk/health/public/pollen-forecast (flowering times might differ for different regions in China I guess? We will be in Beijing + area, Shanghai + area and in Yunnan district) I am happy about any help, thank you! Greetings, Peter
  20. Hello All, I have three Chinese snuff bottle. One has a seal mark and the other two are signed by the artists. Can someone please let me know what dynasty the seal mark is from and also what are the names of the artists on the other two bottles? Thank you very much for your help! George
  21. mungouk

    Och Aye the New Year

    Hmm, I'll actually be in the Burgh at the start of Feb. There's a brochure listing events embedded in this page at The List.
  22. trip.com is the best. Their customer service is really good. I remember when I booked a hotel and was rejected because of the foreigner thing and they were really quick with a refund and stuff. And it happened twice because some hotels listed on their website weren't listed to host foreigners. When I went traveling in Myanmar I was even able to pay with wechat for most hotels and flights. Agoda is also another good website that I used a lot when I first came to china in 2014.
  23. roddy

    Och Aye the New Year

    From the publicity for Edinburgh's Chinese New Year celebrations. I snipped this from the Internet, but the same poster is adorning bus stops city-wide.
  24. I'm not too sure myself, tbh, but personally I'd interpret this sentence as being a lazy way to say 你在看一本什么样的书?Could be wrong though. Never seen a measure word used together with 什么 like this before.
  25. vellocet

    What mainland APP for booking hotel

    Oh, come on, that's a canard. Once upon a time, there was a "license to permit foreigners" but that was done away with long ago. If anyone would like to prove me wrong, that would be as easy as pie. Next time you successfully check into a hotel, ask to see their "license to permit foreigners". They won't be able to show you one because they don't exist. On my most recent usage of Ctrip, which I used again knowing that they did things wrong and/or screwed me over in the past, I booked an all-inclusive resort in Bali. I got there, and I only had a room and not the all-inclusive rate. Ctrip did nothing. Oh, they offered to reimburse me for the taxi ride to the hotel. Whoopty-doo. There were two rates, one all-inclusive and one only the room, and Ctrip screwed it up. I paid extra and got nothing. This was with their Trip.com English app, too.
  26. fabiothebest

    What mainland APP for booking hotel

    Yeah, it happened to me too once and it isn't a nice experience. It's always better to check if hotels accept foreigners..and if you are wondering, it's not a matter of racism, it's just they don't have a license and the device for scanning passports and they are required to register your personal info when you stay there and submit it to the local police.
  27. No grammar errors here or incorrect word usage, but it'd be more interesting to read if you removed the first sentence, and also move the 我 in the third sentence to after the 为什么, in order to create a repeating rhythm. Like this: 为什么我没有朋友?为什么我要独自生活?我讨厌我的生活! A few things wrong with this, but the main part to pay attention to is the second sentence (beginning 为什么). It seems you've written in English "why should girls date losers?" and just translated word for word into Chinese. Problem is, 应该 and 约会 can't really be used this way. 约会 when used as a verb requires two subjects, so you need to use it in the pattern "A和/跟B约会" ("A dates B"). Instead of 为什么...应该,I'd suggest using 怎么会, which translates as something along the lines of "how could/why would" to create a rhetorical question. Add in 愿意 meaning "be willing/want to", and we get: 女孩怎么会愿意跟失败者约会?Finally, we can add a 呢 at the end, which I won't explain in detail here as it's beyond the scope of this post, but it basically just links the sentence to the context that precedes it, and add a 我这样的 ("like me") to make it sound more advanced/native: The changes I made to the other parts of the paragraph are more minor. Your version was also fine, except for 独自永远. The problem with that is that both 独自 and 永远 are adverbs, that need to precede a verb, but that sentence has no verb. Therefore I changed it to 一个人一辈子. 一个人 is a verb meaning "to be alone" (can also act as an adverb though) and is far more commonly used than 独自 (to be honest if I were you I'd change the 独自 in your first paragraph to 一个人 too). Likewise, 一辈子 is more common that 永远 and means "one's whole life".
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