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  2. Michaelyus

    Making your own chili sauce 自制红油

    Nice touch with the Bonne Maman jars!
  3. For a short stay you might also look into a month-to-month hotel rental, perhaps further out if you really want to save money. Advantage -- big advantage -- is no middleman, no big deposit, freedom to move somewhere else after a month if it doesn't work out. No kitchen if you want to cook, but you'll get housekeeping instead.
  4. “A couple of times here I have left the Didi with 你应该睡觉!” 你瞌睡得太厉害!休息吧。现在开车不安全。
  5. I did once, I was helping a woman from Somalia I'd met lost in a train station who'd come for the UN World Women's Conference in '95, driver tried giving us a real runaround, we got out, he got arsey during the argument and pulled hammer on me :D! Welcome to China, Mrs!
  6. No, but I did on a bus roaring at top speed down a very dangerous mountain pass, not in China. The driver wasn't sleeping: if anything he was too wide awake, no doubt with some chemical assistance. And at least a couple of times in China I've gotten off those inter-city buses that leave the station right on the dot, then spend an hour trolling the city for passengers.
  7. Out of interest, did you ever stop a Didi/Uber/Taxi and get out?
  8. I guess if you suddenly stop posting at least we'll know what happened.
  9. Gesundheit! Interesting... is this perhaps related to (or the origin of) the public service videos I see on the BJ 地铁 which are animated shorts showing a bad person doing all the things you're not allowed to do?
  10. Haha, if only I were so fluent. Thanks Roddy. This used to happen to me occasionally in Singapore, booking Taxi drivers who are also using Grab (like Didi/Uber in SE Asia). Presumably the taxi firms monitor driving hours, but if you're also taking bookings through an APP then all bets are off. My coping strategy is to constantly monitor the situation and decide whether I want to get them to stop and let me out or not. So far I never have. At least in SG I could strike up a conversation in English. A couple of times here I have left the Didi with 你应该睡觉! ...but I've no idea if this is hitting the mark. So, back to the question (I've updated the topic): is there any way to report the driver and/or black-list them?
  11. taijidan


    I already use tools like Pleco and tofu learn. still I thought remembr.it seems to have an interesting way of grouping the characters together.
  12. Presumably you're going to wake the driver up to stop, at which point you're safer proceeding to somewhere safe to get out. A random point on an expressway is probably not safe. Got to say though, three times in a month... sure you're not boring them to sleep with your chat?
  13. I wasn't asking for parental advice, I was asking how to report a dangerous driver. Thanks.
  14. What do you think "no matter where you are" meant? Driving at speed on an expressway only deepens the concern. I'm sure I speak for everyone here when I say we'd like to see you stick around.
  15. Yeah, I OCR'd it in Pleco and it came up with "odious; abominable; disgusting" It certainly would be a strong incentive to keep the driver talking, if only my listening skills were up to scratch... Well, the time before last I was on the expressway from Hangzhou airport heading for a hotel at midnight on a Sunday...
  16. How far out on the subway do you need to go nowadays to get cheaper rents? Back in my day people were starting to move out towards Shangdi for cheaper rents than Wudaokou, but a quick trip in to class on Line 13. For the OP - your problem isn't just the budget, it's the short rental term. You'll be a lot better off looking at people who've already rented a flat and need someone to fill a spare room.
  17. I'm not the most talkative of souls in taxis, but that would inspire some pretty aggressive conversation making on my part. Perhaps even a song. 恶劣 here is probably better 'poor quality' - perhaps best translated as 'poor service / attitude'
  18. Have you considered other places to study where the rent will be cheaper? Beijing and Shanghai might be attractive for many reasons, but they're much more expensive than anywhere else in mainland China.
  19. No matter where you are, you stop and get out of the car!
  20. So this has just happened to me for the third time in about a month: my didi driver was extremely tired and falling asleep while driving. Needless to say this was pretty nerve-wracking, trying to keep a line of sight with his rear-view mirror to check his eyes were still open and preparing to shout something if necessary... There doesn't seem to be any way to report the driver for bad driving though... if you give them only 1 star (I didn't try giving zero stars) the app just presents you with the following set of reasons: (click to enlarge) Which, if I've understood correctly mean: Route not familiar Service attitude disgusting (!) Vehicle damage Inside vehicle bad smell License plate didn’t match Driver smoking What do other folks do? This actually happened to me two days in a row a few weeks back. The last time I did this a colleague helped me give the feedback and asked if I wanted to black-list the driver, but I didn't see an option for this today. I'm using the Didi mini-program that's built into WeChat.
  21. roddy

    Sechuan beef recipe

    What recipes have you been trying, or at least, what´s the closest one, and how does it fail to meet expectations?
  22. ChTTay

    Sechuan beef recipe

    I ask because it could just be made up to please local tastes where you are. Might not actually be something eaten in Chinese or, if it is, it might not taste the same as the one you’re getting.
  23. Glomt

    Sechuan beef recipe

    No guys, I dont have chinese name of the dish. In menu its called "sechuan beef" but in my language, thats all. Thank you for help, Ill get Doubanjiang today and Ill try your recipes, Ill tell you what I get and what is not right for me Chef wont tell me the recipe Ach, and Ive got photo of the dish! Its from theirs website.
  24. imron

    Sechuan beef recipe

    Ask the chef!
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