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  2. I have in my windows 10 pc a version of inkstone that is running in native windows. The executables comes from https://www.dropbox.com/s/uupgyq5xizpkas5/Inkstone.zip?dl=1 Shaunak's link. The version is 0.1.0, not the last 0.1.4 Is it possible to upgrade the windows app? Thank you, Furio
  3. Answer in https://www.chinese-forums.com/forums/topic/52390-inkstone-my-free-open-source-chinese-writing-app/?do=findComment&comment=453888 Bye
  4. Answer to https://www.chinese-forums.com/forums/topic/51989-a-short-list-of-resources-for-studying-chinese/?do=findComment&comment=453876 Dear xinoxanu x, As Mikelove said, the format is: Simpl|TAB|Trad|TAB|Numb.Pinyin|TAB|definition So, from Pleco file, find-and-replace every "[" into a tab and every "]" into nothing. Example 成群[成群] cheng2qun2 1 in groups 2 large numbers of 3 grouping is changed in 成群 成群 cheng2qun2 1 in groups 2 large numbers of 3 grouping Tab+definition is compulsive, so 街角[街角] jie1jiao3 (no tab+definition) is changed in 街角 街角 jie1jiao3 definition delete last blank line 109 Furio
  5. Hey everyone! I am not sure if this is the right place to ask this question but I will give it a go! I am planning to study at a Mandarin language center next summer (2020) in Taiwan, Taipei. I am looking for programs that last for 3 months during the summer period (beginning of June to late August approx.). I am wondering if anyone have any recommendations? From other forums online I gather National Chengchi University, Chinese Language Division Language Center (CLD) National Taiwan University and National Taiwan Normal University (MTC) are good. Which of these would you recommend or if you have any other recommendations? For reference I have studied Mandarin for a year now full-time and will continue to study till next summer. So I am looking for more advanced classes (and connected to unis of course). I'd appreciate any input!
  6. I received the same e-mail today. Going to sign up soon as I really want to get into SJTU and hope that CSC approves my application by mid July. Good luck MissA and hopefully both of us can get in I applied via the UK Chinese embassy (type A) and now considering withdrawing my EU Window application as there is more certainty in my UK application.
  7. I see languages like working out at the gym. You're only as strong as your weakest link. I also believe everything should be balanced. I would understand if someone said "I'm pretty fluent when it comes to speaking and listening, but my reading and writing aren't too great." But for someone to say they are fluent just based on listening to native materials, I'd be skeptical. Of course, being able to understand native materials is already a fantastic level when it comes to language learning, people just have to careful how they use the word 'fluent'.
  8. mungouk

    Beijing Chinese-Forums Meet-Up 2019 (yes 2019)

    Great call @ChTTay, thanks!
  9. If you are using type A and B paths to apply for different courses/universities, then that is OK. Applying for the same course and university using type A and B applications is wasting your time as the university/department could receive two applications from you from which they are likely to cancel one of them.
  10. How much time will the answer to the stage 5 take to come? Have you got any ideas? It had to arrive in a few weeks, but I’m not sure about that. and what about the interview? Does everybody received the email about the interview? Is it compulsory for the final stage?
  11. How do you know that? What’s your source?
  12. @imron Can the Inkstone bit be moved into the inkstone thread?
  13. Nice! How did you win it? If you don't manage to convince your company's IT department and are feeling generous, maybe someone else could put that free game code to good use...😀 (not me obviously, with my potato)
  14. @sevinjshabanova Congratulations☺️.....on being selected. Yes. I applied. But no emails from them yet. And my status is still in process. Here's to hoping I hear from them soon. The best to us all.
  15. This is the original file. I've noticed there's an empty blank line at the end, so I tried deleting it but the error keeps appearing. The error btw, indicates there's a row that has been malformatted, but doesn't give more info. flash-1905232047.txt
  16. Sadly, don't think my computer is up to running this either. Looks great though, positive stuff!
  17. I just won a Limited Edition version of the game Though my laptop is also potato, and I don't think that I can negotiate with the IT department at my workplace to install it on my company laptop... The packaging seems nice, though!
  18. 889

    Gillette razor blades in shenzhen

    And to be fair, some Western-branded stuff is made specially for the Chinese market in China and may not be up to the same quality as that sold in other markets. That is, I wouldn't expect a Gillette blade sold in China that looks identical to one sold elsewhere to necessarily perform just as well. There's a reason so many Mainlanders like to shop in Hong Kong.
  19. Ok, so you can probably tell from the relative lack of info in the original post that I haven't actually played the game yet. However, I've been a fan of the Total War series since the original came out in the year 2000 and it has pretty positive reviews so far, so I think it's a pretty safe one to recommend. Not surprising given the China setting, Sega/CA have decided to give the game the full Chinese localisation treatment, meaning full text and audio. Going by other games in the series, you will likely encounter lots of vocab regarding troops, building types, character/place names, orders/instructions etc. Also, this game has an in depth character/relationship system, so there will almost certainly be lots of related vocab. I've also heard that the heroes will often taunt each other during battle, so hopefully there will be some opportunities to improve your listening abilities. Unfortunately, my laptop isn't up to running this, so I'll have to wait until I return to the UK and buy a proper PC. If anyone decides to give it a go, then please leave a review here.
  20. Platform(s): PC Where to buy: Steam Release Date: 23rd May 2019 Languages: English and Chinese (both simplified and traditional characters, both audio and text), several other languages too Chinese Level Required: ? Proportion of play time where you'll be using Chinese: ? Specific/specialised Vocab Learned: ? Trailer: youtube, youku For those unfamiliar with the Total War series, here's a brief description of the gameplay. They are basically grand strategy games, mixing turn-based strategic map gameplay, with epic real-time battles. In the turn-based overhead map part of the game, you will research technologies, strengthen your empire by building various buildings, and position your armies for battle: Whenever any of your armies meet an enemy army on the map, you will be immediately transported to a real-time battle, where you will have to act as general and command your troops to victory: Until recently, the game was primarily historical based, being set in various periods of history, from Ancient Rome, to Shogunate Japan. But in 2016 the first fantasy-based game, Total War: Warhammer, was released. Three Kingdoms seeks to satisfy both sets of fans, with a more historically based Records mode, and a more fantastical Romance mode, featuring superhero type characters: There have been many tweaks to the formula throughout the years, and Three Kingdoms is no exception. In my opinion, the most interesting improvement this time round is the 关系 (guanxi - relationship) system. Although the Total War games have always had an RPG-style character development system, it looks to be much more involved now. Anyone familiar with the Romance of the Three Kingdoms story will know that attracting intelligent and capable generals/administrators is vital to success, and the game reflects this with its in depth relationship mechanic. Characters will have personal friendships, rivalries and grudges throughout the game and you will have to decide who to promote, appoint and betray as you seek to maintain loyalty and gain allies in your struggle to unite China: I think many people here will already be familiar with the Three Kingdoms period and story. For those that aren't, Sega have you covered with this short sponsored video giving you a simplified overview: youtube
  21. DavyJonesLocker

    Gillette razor blades in shenzhen

    Taobao, tmall jingdong etc would be a good place to stay rather than running around the place trying to find them. Cheaper too I'd imagine. Pretty widespread here in Beijing but there are so many different fitting for those damm razor's it's hard to know which one is the right one.
  22. sevinjshabanova

    2019 CSC Scholarships

    @Eyoel Hey! My current status in WHU application system is "Final Result unreleased" and "Submitted" on CSC website. Did you receive congratulations email from them? @CubePhil Have you applied to WHU?
  23. [Deleted, moved to https://www.chinese-forums.com/forums/topic/52390-inkstone-my-free-open-source-chinese-writing-app ]
  24. If possible some line of original txt file, attached, so we can look at real format, thank you. WARNING! IT IS NECESSARY TO DELETE BLANK LINES AT THE END OF THE FILE test.txt
  25. Is it easy to find blades for my Gillette razor and if so would it be available in most stores?
  26. I'm no scholar, but I agree with you. Even more strange would be for someone who can just read well to describe himself or herself as fluent. For many years I strove to have a "balanced skill-set." Reading always lagged behind the "live stuff" (conversation) and still does. I know how to improve it but don't really care enough to invest a lot of effort. My listening and speaking are pretty evenly matched. Both are spotty, but I get by OK most of the time and do it at full native speed, use slang and local expressions.
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