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  2. I don't think that's right. 《康熙字典》【亥集上】【骨字部】 骰 【廣韻】度侯切【集韻】【韻會】【正韻】徒侯切,𠀤音頭。骰子,博陸采具。【類篇】博齒。【溫庭筠詩】玲瓏骰子安紅豆。 又【集韻】果五切,音古。股或作骰。 So 骰骨 is a variant of 股骨 gŭgŭ. EDIT: I was wrong. There is a 骰骨 tóugŭ in the foot. Have never heard of it.
  3. anonymoose

    pronunciation of 骰子

    As an aside, 骰骨, not that you are likely to ever need this, is pronounced tóugŭ.
  4. What does all this sign in front of the house means? Does it mean any place or village in China? Does it tell where the family are from?
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  6. I can see the attraction. I think if I was going to go this route personally, I'd look at an image of a childhood home, or flower that grew in the garden (would be a nettle or thistle, for me), something like that. Still symbolic, but more directly so, if you see what I mean.
  7. Shelley

    Is this symbol correct?

    I also read the "wall of text" and although it hasn't changed my principles about tattooing, as Lu says it shows you have thought about it. Also as Lu says try and find a tattoo artist that knows about characters, also please don't use the font in your OP. Use traditional and find a nice font, if the tattoo artist knows what he is doing he may well have some good suggestions.
  8. roddy

    Hello Signese

    I like the slight dissonance here. Might the children cause a nuisance, or might they be stolen along with your mobile phone?
  9. I do care, and even though you have not changed my advice for the next person who comes here, I'm glad to read that you have clearly given it thought and know what you are doing. If you can, try and find a tattoo artists who knows Chinese (or Japanese), to minimise the odds of mistakes or ugliness.
  10. @GabrielaVDThank you so much! It’s more clear to me now 😅
  11. Something along the lines of "in all, seven bodies buried under seven pines on 鵝眉山" which reads Mount Emei and might be a typo for the famous 峨眉. Wondered if 七兜松 might be a place name too but nothing showing on a quick search, or even if it's some allusive way of saying "coffin", but taking it literally.
  12. What is the few word means? 共全骸七位 塟七兜松,鵝眉山
  13. In my case, I got a Pre-Employment Medical Exam and it covered most of the things required in the form. I then just had to get the HIV/Syphillis test done in addition. The doctor was unfamiliar with the form, but she just marked things accordingly and placed a stamp over my photo. I've had this done twice already (yesterday being the second time). The results from the first were accepted in Xi'an pretty much without any problems, but make sure to also bring the results AND the X-ray film with you just in case. I didn't have the film with me then and had to redo the X-ray there. Also, if you can time it right, that would be better. Results are valid for six months. Last year, I had my physical exam done mid-March, so I knew I had to have it validated in China by mid-September right after the new school year started.
  14. Tomsima

    Is this symbol correct?

    a fairly well-put argument i feel. 眷 just means 'dependents' in this context. just remember, youre doing the equivalent of trying to persuade this community that getting "FAMILY + DEPENDENTS" tattooed on you is a good idea. why not just go for something thats a dead language like babylonian, theres some amazing scope there for a cool looking tattoo down that route maybe....
  15. taken from baidu: 《加州旅馆》(Hotel California)是美国著名乡村摇滚乐队老鹰乐队(Eagles)的歌曲
  16. Slightly off topic but is this the 伊戈尔斯. Is this the correct translation for the Eagles?
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  18. You can check out any time you like, but you can never leave 🎶
  19. It’s a good idea, but honestly I think the goals which work for me are the real world hard-and-fast ones, like exams and travel plans. Day-to-day motivation has never been a problem. It’s probably too early to say, but is the 12 week year working for you? Right now my only goal is to do the parts I enjoy and make friends I want to stay in touch with. In past visits I’ve been panicked about speaking all Chinese all the time, but this year I’m just going with the flow. If I make good friends with people who speak mostly English, eh, it’s fine, I’ll end up coming across their friends who most likely won’t. Paradoxically my best times there have been playing games like Cards Against Humanity with great people.
  20. from memory 鹿鼎记 always used shǎizi (mandarin dub that is)
  21. really interesting idea, let us know how it goes. id be really interested in trying this out if you see a really noticeable difference in results
  22. I have the same problem now, but mine is that the notary notarized my documents and he made a mistake and instead of 2019 wrote 2018 but only on my high school documents which I need to add for the application in my country, but I might call later and ask them if they would have a problem with that. no, but type A (applying through Embassy) does cover undergraduate program, the university scholarship program is only for postgraduates
  23. I've been trying 12-week years for... well, just over half of one, I suppose. The idea is here, although I haven't used the website and only skimmed the book very quickly. But the basic idea of quarterly goal-setting seems solid (every company ever can't be wrong). So aim for an 84 day chain, then reassess. It's long enough to get something substantial done, but not so long you forget what the point was in the first place.
  24. Yeah, and I didn’t reassess. Perhaps the best plan is to aim for a 200 day chain, or just leave enough leeway in your goal that you’re not effectively wasting time and making the whole thing a chore. I completely forgot to enjoy myself. …I’m trapped in this language, aren’t I? 😉
  25. On my form the doctor wrote "normal" against nourishment, development and most of the others in this category, with more details about vision: "wears reading glasses". Apparently my abdomen is "unremarkable" but I can live with that... Next to Chest X-ray she wrote "no evidence of pulmonary tuberculosis", which presumably is the reason for having the X-ray in the first place. She also stamped the clinic's official stamp across my photo and signed across it.
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