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Program for training Chinese characters ?


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Hey all

I am curently using a program called "homework trainer", made by a company called euroasia software. I bought this program a few years ago, and it has been "good enough".

The problem is that it contains ALLOT of bugs and it's starting to really get on my nerves now. There might be updates avaliable but I wouldnt know since you cant acces the update webpage from China (WTF?)

I figured that it might be time to move on to a better program, and I was wondering what there might be out there. What I need is not a simple "flashcard" program. I want to make the wordlists my self and I want to be able to choose if I for example want to see the character and write the translation, or if I want to see the translation and the pinyin, then write the character. etc.

"Chinese Homework trainer" is a great program for this in theory as it contains a number of different exercises, too bad its so damn buggy.

Anyways, are there any programs like this out there ?


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Hope you are not too surprised that the program you paid for is now freeware.

If it helps, I also paid for this program, and like you, had a very frustrating experience :)

There are also other alternatives:


and you shd check out Chris Fong's ZDT

- I helped out a teensy bit with a simple plugin :)

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