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Most easily mistaken Chinese character


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Here are a few more characters which are very similar, but in fact different.


夭 (yāo) and 天 (tiān) - 夭 is an archaic character which means to die young (早死、未成年而死),while 天 means sky or heaven


土 (tǔ)  and 士 (shì) - 土 means earth or soil, while 士 indicates a "scholar" or a gentleman and is often used in compounds indicating some sort of rank (博士,上士,士官, etc)


未 (wèi) and 末 (mò) -  未 originally means "not" and appears in compounds such as 未必,未成年.  末 means "end" as in 夏天末日, "the last day(s) of summer.

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作祟的祟(sui4) , 崇高的崇(chong2), 和 嵩山的嵩(song1)~both chong2 & song1 mean "lofty" while sui4 means "evil spirit". 又: 曼荼羅(mandala)的荼(tu2) 和茶葉的茶(cha2) - tu2 refers to various types of bitter plants & is also a syllable used to transliterate Sanskrit while cha2 means "tea".

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