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Chinese Podcasts (w/ transcripts?)


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There's MandarinTube.com, which is all video content. I think it's all free once you've signed up, but you'll need to check. There's a lot of stuff if you just search for 'learn Chinese' on Youtube, but often it's people who do a couple of videos then give up. AskBenny seems to be the most prolific but some are just pieces to camera or voice over text. There's some dialogue stuff in there though, like at the end

. Random website at AskBenny.cn as well. Never come across this guy before - seems to be a lot of variable content, could be some gems in there. Edited by roddy
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He's certainly getting value for money out of it - I ended up shutting down Firefox rather than trying to figure out which damned tab was still playing the thing.

It's a pity the askbenny stuff isn't a bit more structured. There's some ok stuff in there, but there's also a lot of 'Look, aren't we wacky, learn Chinese with us' while not getting around to the Chinese learning stuff. They've obviously got the staff and infrastructure and presumably some kind of funding.

Looks like they organize events down in Shanghai though, so the online stuff is maybe just about advertising that side of things - I couldn't make much sense of their website.

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Mandarintube? I had no idea these guys existed. They seem to be doing a good job of publishing original content, but the video I saw had talking hand puppets and I suspect they risk missing their target market. Adult learners make up most of the proactive online learning community right now.

I'd be curious to hear what people think of them and the market for video. We wrap lessons around film clips and music videos, but are avoiding putting much effort into original video with Popup Chinese in order to focus on the core podcasts and manually annotated texts. Video is expensive and there doesn't seem to be an effective pedagogical approach that works. Anyone using video?

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I would subscribe to a video-based site that puts out at least one video per week, preferably with a continuing storyline, with progressively developing complexity of vocabulary, sentence structure, and so on, and has supporting podcasts and transcripts. The podcasts would contain the actual lessons and would analyze the videos. There would be at least one podcast lesson per video, but there could be several podcasts released during the week that further expand on a single video.

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Me too Luobot. I like that idea...

I looked at Mandarintube and it wasn't that great in terms of videos.

Chinese Learn Online is just starting to put up videos for Levels 1, 2, and 3. A few for Level 4, I think. They're okay. I've been told they put the videos up as an afterthought and they might go back and re-work and improve the videos.

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I'm thinking of trying out more podcasts for my daily listening diet. Currently I listen mainly to Princess Remy (Taiwan mandarin)

When I mean podcast, I don't mean the language learning types but just the ordinary podcasts with normal people talking about whatever's on their mind. In mandarin of course....

Of course with scripts it will help me get more out of it, but right now my listening needs serious help here.

So anybody can recommend me some other podcasts in chinese? It doesnt matter where it's mainland china, taiwan, HK, singapore, etc as long as it's in mandarin. Thanks!

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I am interested in finding the following, if it exists:

A news podcast with identical articles (translations) in Chinese and English (and/or other languages) (bilingual news). I lost such a link. It even had more languages.

Has anyone seen anything like this? I am using the Chinese language sites but sometimes it helps to cheat and check if your understanding of the article is correct.

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Just a quick comment about www.chineselearnonline.com

In beginner lesson 4, they introduce the possessive marker (?) 的 and give some examples such as 我的 etc

Just a few lines later, they ask you to guess the meaning of a sentence this time using 得 placed after a verb (說), (你的中文說得很好.) and imply that they are the same thing.

From the transcript: "Since there is already a 的after 說, it isn’t used after 你." ....

notice that in the transcript the 的 is there, while it is not present in the audio file...

to sum up: don't use this site! It's confusing as hell...

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