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快易典 V680 electronic dictionary, any users here ?

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快易典 recently made a new electronic dictionary and it looks quite neat:

3.6" TFT color screen

keyboard & handwriting input

4 reference dictionaries:





512M of memory for additional dictionaries and music storage

SD/MMC card reader

USB link

3 font sizes


It has the usual chinese dictionaries flaws:

- no pinyin in the Eng-Chi dictionary (but you can cross search into the Chi-Chi-Eng one who has pinyin)

- typing pinyin is by character, not for the entire word

Street price is about 1.300/1.400rmb

Did anyone here buy one yet ?

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I know you've said that you can cross-search to find the pinyin, but how easy is that to actually do? I think a common complaint of Chinese electronic dictionaries is that while the pinyin might be in there somewhere, it's a pain in the neck to get to.

Also, what's the quality of pronunciation like? Last time I tried one of these things out it was dreadful, but that was ages ago.

Anyway, glad you are happy with your purchase.

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yes, quite easy

let's say I looked for "complain" then it show:



/ some phonetics tha I don't know how to type /

v [i;T + that]

1. to express feelings of annoyance or unhappiness about something 抱怨; 埋怨:[例]

/ some more definitions /


if i don't know the pinyin for 抱怨 then I just highlight it with the pen (both characters) and then tap again on the highlighted word, it will pop up a menu with a list of the installed dictionaries, clicking on 现代汉语 instanly pop a new window with the pinyin and definition both in english and chinese with examples.

With F3 and F4 keys you also can switch between "English/Chinese/Both" and "With examples/Without examples"

Prononciation is Ok but it's syllable based not word based

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I just found out, it also has an english & chinese visual dictionary.

And there is plenty of internal storage availlable: about 300M (out of 512M)

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i need some info on the v680: can i load the battery with 120 volt as well as with 110?

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the power adapter has a chinese plug but it is

Input: 100-240v 50/60Hz 150mA

Output: 5VDC 800mA

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youpii how's it going?

I'm planning on buying the V670 (same software and general features as your one i'd think) but I need to know some things:

I'm disappointed to hear about the lack of pinyin for English to Chinese entries. I find that all these tools no matter software or hardware, seem to fail on this point. Having said that however, does it have any sort of clue on how to pronounce it.. perhaps it can play out the word? Anything to help you phonetically when looking up from english- chinese?

In regards to Chinese- English- If you write a character in via handwriting does it tell you the pinyin etc?

What are the 'recite', 'exam', 'test', 'level' etc (all those practice kind of features) learning tools like?

What's worried me is that when going through the features i have seen quite a few things like ''spell checker'', ''english lesson videos'' and so I want to make sure that it will actually cover chinese learning needs.

Cheers mate!

All the best- 文托德。

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