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I'm trying to ease some Chinese characters. What do you think about it?


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I've recently opened a new section of "Ease Chinese Character" on my site of EaseChinese.com, trying to be of some extra help for beyond-beginner foreign friends with an interest in studying Chinese characters. I was just wondering if anyone could give some feedbacks about my course. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated!

Click HERE to have a look!

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Ease Chinese Characters sounds a bit funny to my ears. Perhaps Easy Chinese Characters or Chinese with Ease would sound better. Also, if you really want to attract "foreign friends" to your site, perhaps you should consider avoiding the term "foreign friend".

Many non-Chinese find this term patronising, even if you don't intend it as such. Consider instead, "foreigners", "non-Chinese", or "people learning Chinese as a second language".

So on your main page instead of "Chinese characters seem the most difficult part for foreign friends to learn the Chinese language." consider "Chinese characters seem the most difficult part for people learning Chinese as a second language"

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Thank you so much for your greatly helpful advice, imron. I'll change the lousy term instantly. :oops:

By the way, what do you think of my new section? Could it be of some help for people learning Chinese as a second language?

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Yes, I think your site is helpful for beginners, and your forum especially so.

Like IMRON I first found the name EaseChinese to be odd, however, I also think that the name and the site itself projects an easy-going, friendly approach to learning Chinese so now I don't mind it at all.

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To me, being a foreign friend of all Chinese people, the term " foreign " does not feel warm and inviting. It sounds like I am not welcome, and will always be foreign. Whether it is true or not that I will remain foreign does not matter. Foreign still sounds and feels cold to me. Why not just use the word " friend "?

However, I differ from the other two posters about your new phrase " easechinese ". It most definitely gets the point across. I know exactly what the program and web site does, just from the name "easechinese". It rhymes, it is easy, and you own the web site. It definitely sounds off when I first hear it, but it does so many other marketing things so well that I strongly feel you ought to keep it.

Good luck!

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I think EaseChinese's section on Chinese Characters is a great way to learn and remember characters. The "Lily explains..." part is my favorite because it lets me visualize how the character is put together.

The short story about the tailor was great too. :)

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