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Chinese army coat in Beijing?


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There are a couple of army supplies stores (clothes, boots, mostly, no tanks) near where I live. Both just north of Wenhuiqiao, which itself is a little north of Xizhimen. One on each side of the road, and I think there's a sign pointing to one off the main road. Not sure if they'll have the genuine article, and could well be a bit out of the way.

What, out of curiosity, is the difference between the real ones and the fakes? Never really thought of someone ripping off the PLA . . .

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I'm not looking for one :wink: I did have one when I was up in Harbin, but only actually wore it a couple of times when I had to be outside standing still for any length of time.

I just had a quick look on Taobao.com though, and there are a few Beijing-based sellers if you search 军用大衣

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So somehow my Chinese friend was just telling me they were able to buy some cheap (authentic) army coats for 90 yuan (and I remembered this thread was just talking about this), but apparently they got the "I work with military peeps everyday" discount. He said that the actual price should definitely be more, but didn't say how much more...and they just bought them from some military people directly....

ok, this probably didn't help that much...but I guess for a "price reference"

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