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Fourth character in the name of Sam Woo Barbecue Restaurant


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Can anyone tell me the pinyin or unicode for the 4th character in the name of Sam Woo Barbecue Restaurant? The remainder of the Chinese text is 三和燒?麵家 / 三和烧?面家. An image of the menu is here:


I can't find the character by radical lookup in any of the dictionaries that I have access to.

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It also means cured, as in cured fish / meat. 腊肉, if you ever see it on a menu, is very similar to bacon. 烧腊 seems to be a cooking style, although I've no idea what it involves. Barbecue, judging by the English name :mrgreen:

My (simplified) dictionary lists it under the 月 radical, but technically I guess the radical is 肉 and might be listed as such in some dictionaries? I have no idea, but might explain why you couldn't find it.

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The character is , a traditional Chinese character. As to the meaning of 燒臘, take a look at the following links ->



It includes (and the dishes made of these food) -







臘肉 / 臘腸 / 臘鴨


etc etc

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Thanks. That makes sense. I am able to find 腊 in the dictionary. I doesn't have 烧腊 but the Microsoft Chinese input method seems to recognize the pair of characters as a word, now that I now how to input it by pinyin. From the links at hanyu.chi.cuhk.edu.hk it seems like barbecue is the best translation.

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