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"Twilight Samurai" is way better. It is subtle. "Last Samurai" is loud.

First, there is no Tom Cruise. Second, there is 真田廣之. And everyone who has seen this movie seems to be touched by how devoted he is for his family, and the way he teaches his daughters despite his poverty, and his subtle way of love (all he asks is for the lady to dress him before he embarks on an unwinnable fight, and this scene is copied in "Last Samurai").

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Those who enjoy "The Twilight Samurai" may also like "The Hidden Blade" (隱劍鬼爪) ->


It is no doubt a very good, very touching film. Beautifully acted and beautifully made. The only thing that I am uneasy about it is that it seems that the director has remade his own film "The Twilight Samurai", as the two films' main plots are strikingly similar (well both films are based on stories of the same author).

Nevertheless it is a lovely film.

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First, there is no Tom Cruise.

:lol: That's funny. Anyway, I've only seen last samurai. I always thought it strange how the foreign guy goes from knowing nothing about how to be a samurai to beating down every samurai in Japan, and he lived 'till the end of the movie. Doesn't make much sense to me.

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I have watched both movies ("Twilight Samurai" more recently).

My comment is "Last Samurai" is not that bad while "Twilight Samurai" is not as that good as movie critics said.

Actually Tom Cruise performed much better than what he did in other movies, i.e. MI2 or Jerry Maguire. More or less he could show the desperateness of a man who fought for a lost cause during the era of drastic change.

"Twilight Samurai" didn't have that kind of fanfare. But the story is more real and more heartbreaking.

And I like Miyazawa Rie. How come she don't look old so many years after she posed for the syashin album?

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