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Chengdu info requested


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Well, I'm finally off to Chengdu. Anybody on here in Chengdu right now? Would like to get some accurate information on apartments, computer stores,ect. ect. Information on ex-pat restaurants or bars, ect,ect. Also, any skiers out there? I'll be hitting the Xiling ski area often. Would like some company on the chairlift. Last one down buys the beer. :lol:

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I'm currently doing the 'Du.

The best place to live is in the south of the city, in the district around Sichuan University, the American Consulate, and 玉林.

Chengdu has, in my opinion, the best market for consumer electronics that I've seen in mainland China. The area is called 电脑城, and it's comprised of 5-6 buildings filled from floor to ceiling (most of them 3-4 floors) with electronics.

There are a few expat bars and restaurants, some of them good, most of them mediocre to bad imo. Shamrock is the most well known of the bunch, located on 人民南路 near the American Consulate.

How far is Xilin from Chengdu? Not familiar with that place, but sounds interesting.

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Xiling Ski area in about 95km. west of Chengdu city. It boasts to be the largest, best equipped, ski area in China. (I think Yabuli up near Beijing says the same thing) You take a 4-6 person cable car to the base lodge from the parking area below. This cost 180 yuan. Then it's an hourly rate of 120 yuan to ski. The ski area lifts are all fairly new and seem well maintained. (the grease dripped off the pully wheels all the way up)

Few chinese skiers venture onto the chairlift. Most just walk up the hill as far as they dared. Then slide, slip, fall their way down to the base. I suggest bringing your own equipment. The ski area rents equipment, but the boots are smaller and the skis were very dirty on the bottoms. If you rent skis, bring some cleaning agent and ski wax. Clean the bottoms and then wax em'.

When I was there in February 06', the day was foggy. I couldn't see the top. But, the area claims 2200 km vertical. 7 trails. and they have snow-making capabilities. Ski instructors wait at the top to offer lessons. (part of the ticket price) This area has other attractions too. On a beautiful day, it's great to soar in the air in the Hot-Air balloon ride. Or roar around in a big circle on the snowmobiles. There was a very cool Great Wall of China built from ice blocks. You could walk on top and get pictures taken. The area staff was friendly and helpful.

By bus from Chengdu, is a two hour ride. Renting a driver is better though. The buses from Chengdu arrive after 9:00 in the morning. As with any ski area, you'll want to get there early. Get your skis on and get first tracks early. By 10:00 in the morning, the throngs are amassing. But, this is at the base lodge and bottom of the slope. Most never get on the chairlift. The place is open all year 'round. Grass skiing too.

I plan to be in Chengdu for a few years. If you want to join me for a few fast runs, E-mail me. As always, on the last run of the day, ......last one down buys the beer.:lol:



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