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得 (de) and subject inversions

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I ran across the following sentences in a textbook I like (Advanced Chinese: Intention, Strategy, & Communication 高级汉语:意图,技巧与表达 by 汤雁方 Yanfang Tang and 陈青海 Qinghai Chen, p. 85):

同学们又笑起来, 气得老师小胡子一抖一抖的。

猎人举起枪, 吓得小鹿把头往草丛了钻。

孩子没回家, 担心得父母一夜没合眼。

The book says that this V1 得 SV2 structure sounds more forceful and idiomatic than the equivalent SV1 得 V2 structures below:

同学们又笑起来, 老师气得小胡子一抖一抖的。

猎人举起枪, 小鹿吓得把头往草丛了钻。

孩子没回家, 父母担心得一夜没合眼。

I have never encountered inverted structures like these before. Does anyone know of other examples where a definite subject can come after a verb?

By the way, the short stories in this textbook are much more varied, interesting, and less depressing than others I have seen. I would highly recommend it, especially to anyone wondering about style in different types of Chinese.

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