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Help romanizing a Cantonese song


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你nei3 个gaw3 死sei2 肥fei4 婆paw4,

好hou2 讲gong2-唔m4-讲gong2, o稳wan2 唐tong4-人yan4 o黎lai3 讲gong,


o遗yee4-o家gaa o卑bei2 我ngaw4 o系hai6-o金gam2

唱cheung3-得dak 鬼gwai2-o金gam3 爽song2,

唔m4-o洗sai2 两leung2 头tau4 望mong6,

o米mai3 依yee3 o之jee6 自jee6-己gei2 好hou2 环waan4-境ging2,

o岩aam-lak3, 今gam 年lin2 猪jue 年lin3,

我ngaw3 就jau6 唱cheung3 出choat 你nei3 个gaw 猪jue 头tau4 顶teng2,

你nei3 o未mei4-够gau3 "quali" 同tohng4 我ngaw3 斗dau3,

你nei3 o静jing6-o系hai6 得dak 个gaw 吉gat, 得dak 个gaw 吉gat,

鬼gwai2 唔m4 望mong6 你nei3 生saang 仔jai2 o母mou3 屎see2-o佛fat

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ABC accented Cantonese. Stupid song, stupid lyrics that make no sense, far worse than mp4 and lmf.

Some mistakes to correct in your transcription:











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Many thanks, Quest, for your corrections.

btw, what input method do you use for your Cantonese? (I only have Windows' Simplified and use hanyu pinyin.) Might let me know on [email protected] ?


Paul. I honestly couldn't read and understand your romanisation of your transcription. No matter how hard I tried to apply English pronunciation logic.

In addition, you get confused with tone 3 and tone 5. It appears none of your characters even had a tone 5, when many should have been.

I believe most people use Chongkit or Simplified Chongkit.

Maybe try http://www.cantonese.org.cn/Soft/2006/200605/Soft_20060513104337.html, which will allow you to type Jyutping and traditional via Windows IME instead of Hanyu which doesn't make sense to use for Cantonese.

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Thank you, wannabeafreak, for your comments.

Can you be specific and say which romanised words were difficult, and what you might have used instead?

Also which words should have been Tone 5 instead of Tone 3? Thanks.

Finally, I clicked on the cantonese.org.cn link to download, ran the software but got gobbledegook. Maybe I didn't have the right IME. Where might that be found? (Yes, using hanyu pingyin to input Cantonese words is quite a hassle, not least because many words don't exist in standard Chinese.)

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You need to set your "Language for non-Unicode Programs" in Regional Options to "Chinese (PRC)" to read the characters.

The obvious ones are:

你 nei5

我 ngo5

The problem with your romanisation method is that its not consistent. Jyutping only took me 1 hour to learn and because Cantodict uses it... I am able to be look up words quickly.

The reason why we romanise is because its easier to look up words in a dictionary and to determine pronunciations. Using Cantodict, I was able to acquire thousands and thousands of words thanks to Jyutping. It also helped me learn thousands of advanced words through using the parser, which automatically uses Jyutping. So unless you can produce a dictionary that contains 40,000+ words and phrases, able to translate characters (eg. from a news article) into accurate romanisation with ease; I don't think many people would learn your romanisation over Jyutping or Yale.

The time invested in learning Jyutping (1 hour) was well worth it. I am glad I learnt it because otherwise my vocabulary base would be small and I wouldn't have been able to progress as fast as I have already. You have to also remember some words have long sounding pronunciations like saang1 jat6 or 花 faa1 sang1, which is extremely important.

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