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ziyi star

Good grammar stuff in the internet?

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ziyi star

hi everyone. i'm new here :) i was looking for the transcript for pimsleur II and III and found this webpage... it solved many of my doubts so thanx everyone!!! :lol:

my problem is... here where i live (argentina) i can't find any of the books listed in this webpage about mandarin :( i've searched and searched and there's nothing. the only thing i can do is bring them from the us but that's too expensive (without counting shipping fees, grrr). anyways, i was wondering if anyone knows a good internet page where i can find mandarin grammar, sentence order, language rules.

please help me out!! i'm clueless :help

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I would also be interested in things like this.

Browsing this site, I've found a list of measure words (taken from Wikipedia) that is helpful, but there are many many more things.

I was shopping yesterday for a good grammar book here where I live (the capital city of Shandong province) but I found nothing suitable. I found one book that explained everything in reasonable German, but, um, my German isn't all that good. I know there's a post with a list of good books and the like, but seeing as I have the internet at my fingertips right now (while any good books are apparently at a great distance and great cost from my humble home) I would like to know if anybody here knows some good reference material.

Thank you.

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It looks like there are eBooks available of Modern Mandarin Chinese Grammar and its workbook: http://www.ebooks.com/ebooks/book_display.asp?IID=178816

I picked up the physical version of them based on someone's recommendation on this forum, and then had my Chinese instructor recommend them as well. I'm finding them very good and will probably pick up the eBook editions as well when my Tablet PC comes in.

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ziyi star

thanx so much for the answers!! :)

luckily i found what i was looking for... i downloaded an ebook called "Comprehensive chinese grammar" by Yip Po-Ching and Don Rimmington. If anyone wants it just message me :wink:

it's a great book, the explanations are clear and easy to follow. if anyone has the change to buy it do it coz it's just great. it's a real help if you're trying to study grammar.

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