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New practical Chinese reader vol1 flash cards list.

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I have put together a zip file with lists contaning all words from all 14 chapters in the "New practical Chinese reader book", vol 1 ( for more info about the book, se this link: http://www.amazon.com/Practical-Chinese-Reader-Textbook-Vol/dp/7561910401/sr=8-1/qid=1168975569/ref=pd_bbs_sr_1/104-3948622-0301565?ie=UTF8&s=books

The file can be downloaded here: http://www.freechineselearning.com/npcr1.asp

Please let me know if you find any errors etc. Those study lists can be inported to many different software, e.g ZDT: http://zdt.sourceforge.net/ or my own Chinese homework trainer: http://www.euroasiasoftware.com/ht/index.html ( the files is already included in this software)

This book is used in many language schools all over the world and i one of the most popular books to learn Chinese from. Many schools have good discounts on the book.

In a few days I will also have finished the last stroke order animation for the words in this book.

I have choosen to take every word in each chapter, even if it had apeared before. This to follow the original concept. New words and supplementary words are separated into different lists for each chapter.

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I was working on a similar list of flashcards for ZDT before I found MandarinBoy's post so I've duplicated some of the work. But if it will help anyone, feel free to click on the link below to download the lists I've made. These are specifically designed for import into ZDT. I've never used Pleco or any other flashcard software, so I don't know if it will import into them. I also corrected a few errors in MB's files --but there weren't many, errors and I may have missed some.



The differences between my file and MB's is that I've included both simplified and traditional characters. Also, for lessons 1-10, I've used the definitions from ZDT's built-in dictionary (cedict) rather than those from the NPCR text. I found MB's files as I reached lesson 10, so at that point I quit and just incorporated his 11-14 into my file. Mine has more words, I think, for lessons 1-10 because I included not just the standard words, but most others for which a character was provided.


The file is an Excel spreadsheet with 14 different sheets; one sheet for each lesson in NPCR book 1. You'll need to export each sheet individually so they can be imported into ZDT. To do this, click on the tab for a sheet, then click File>Save As... Then, instead of saving as a .xls file, save it as a .csv file. You'll then be provided "field options" to choose from. Set the "field delimiter" to {Tab} and delete the "text delimiter" so it doesn't have one. Then just save the file and it can be imported into ZDT. You'll need to do this once for each sheet. I could have made a bunch of individual text files, but the Excel format makes it easier to maintain and update the list in case there are any errors. When importing the file into ZDT, be sure to change the import file format from "text files" to "all files *.*". (These instructions are for OpenOffice, not Microsoft Word. Word should use the same general procedure though.)


As MB said above, if there are any errors within this file, please let me know. I'll update the file I have linked above, so the link will always give you my most recent version.


If anybody has, or knows of, similar files for the subsequent NPCR books, please PM me or post a link below. I would love to have them! 谢谢!

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I have NPCR Flashcards for Books 1, 2, 3 and a couple of chapters from 4. 1 and 2 are both fully complete, with, I hope, most of the errors removed. They're formatted for Plecodict, however, but it should be simple enough to use a Regular Expression or two to reformat them for ZDT or whatever it is that you use.

Basic format looks like this:

陆雨平[陸--] Lu4 Yu3ping2 (Name of a Chinese Reporter)

妈妈[媽媽] ma1ma mom

And from lessons 7 to 16 (inclusive), I added the example sentances from in the book, replacing any instances of the characters in the headword with a ~, eg:

名片 ming2pian4 calling card 我的~, 老师的~

Also, all lessons up to and including 34 have the traditional characters in [], as shown above. I haven't done it for 35+ yet.

I've attached the file containing everything. Hope it will be useful to someone.

EDIT: Also, unlike the others, it's just one list per chapter, they're not seperated based on 1st Text, 2nd Text, Supplementary. I'll probably do this once I've got a better idea of the format for Pleco 2.0 flashcards, and can thus tag them properly.


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