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Xu Zhimo: Chance translation


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I'm taking a Chinese literature class for my Chinese major I have just begun and we had to read "Chance" by Xu Zhimo. I found this poem to be quite moving and I was wondering if anyone could help with both a pinyin and character translation of the poem for me. In a few years when I have completed my major I'm sure this won't be a problem, but unfortunately I'm pretty impatient. Thanks in advance!

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Gaffnedm, is the following what you want?

(I believe you've already got some translation of the poem in English. If not, try Google.)















Xú Zhìmó

wǒ shì tiānkōng lǐ de yī piàn yún

ǒu'ěr tóuyǐng zài nǐ de bōxīn

nǐ bùbì yàyì

gèng wúxū huānxǐ

zài zhuǎnshùnjiān xiāomiè le zōngyǐng

nǐ wǒ xiāngféng zài hēiyè de hǎishàng

nǐ yǒu nǐ de

wǒ yǒu wǒ de fāngxiàng

nǐ jìde yěhǎo

zuìhǎo nǐ wàngdiào

zài zhè jiāohuì shí hù fàng de guāngmáng.

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glad to know you like this poem. You may find the English translation at internet. I saw one before. His most famous one is called '再别康桥'。

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I find it.


I am a cloud in the sky,

A chance shadow on the wave of your heart.

Don't be surprised,

Or too elated;

In an instant I shall vanish without trace.

We meet on the sea of dark night,

You on your way, I on mine.

Remember if you will,

Or, better still, forget

The light exchanged in this encounter.

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