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> I have coffee/tea and biscuits for breakfast. Very normal and boring.

Normal and boring?? I've never heard of anyone anywhere having biscuits for breakfast, so I think you're quite original.

We've started paying our kid $NT10 for putting away the breakfast things (*really* boring cornflakes and jam -- he's also into lemon curd). Do you think it's too much? I thought if he had a bit of money he could buy his own crummy beyblades and xiandan chaoren (salted egg superman -- these toy characters have achieved cult status in Taiwan, I kid you not. Anyone know what they're called in mainland China btw?)

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It's very easy to judge another culture through your own eyes. I know many people who find American breakfast quite repulsive. Greasy pork fat (bacon), blend powder eggs, sugar coated cereal soaked in milk. One who's not accustomed to American breakfast might say "What in the hell are these people eating?"

Absolutly, 100%, totally agree!!! 8) Its same in UK and I was close to vomit.

German breakfast is for me still the best.

broetchen.jpg Rolls (nowhere else that good)

visual_9neu.jpg Any kind of fruity jam

milch.jpg ...and fresh cow milk

10200_bild(1).jpg sometimes yogurt

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I found most breakfast repulsive except Cantonese and Japanese.

For American breakfast, it is always toast, bagel, croissant, bacon, ham or egg (I don't understand why Americans care so much about the way eggs are pan-fried). After a while, you just get bored.

The only thing good is the coffee. But it must be either Starbuck or Kona coffee with beans freshly ground.

For northern Chinese breakfast, I also hate the greasy stuff (I also don't understand how non-Cantonese <hmm...Taiwanese included> can swallow such greasy wheat stuff early in the morning.)

Of course, the soya milk is awful especially the salty kind ----How can you put chili oil inside the soya milk?

For Cantonese breakfast, it is superb.

In the winter time, I like to frequent those Porridge Specialty stores and order a porridge with fish ball, sliced beef, pig liver and fish belly as ingredient.

In the summer time, I go to the dim sum diner and order Jasmine tea with two kinds of light dim sum to arouse the appetite.

Nothing beats it.

Japanese breakfast is also okay. A bowl of udon or soba with some nori and green onion in light broth cleans up your stomach.

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> I have coffee/tea and biscuits for breakfast. Very normal and boring.

Normal and boring?? I've never heard of anyone anywhere having biscuits for breakfast' date=' so I think you're quite original. [/quote']

Just a note of interest for smithsgj - I suspect that's biscuits in the American sense, not biscuits in the commonwealth sense (or what we americans call cookies)

It is biscuits in the British sense, i.e. cookies. Is it strange to have them for breakfast? :shock:

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salted egg superman

:D HA HA HA HA. Japanese superman 幪面超人.

I used to watch the TV show when I was really little (that was decades ago) and I have no idea why children still watch it today (don't they find the superman and the monsters old-fashioned and hilarious?). I am pretty sure the term 鹹蛋超人 originated from Hong Kong (because their eyes look like salted eggs) but have no idea that even Taiwan kids use this term. Imagine the look of the superman and it all seems very funny. :lol:



Whats that?

Jianbing (煎餅) is chinese pan cake. A bit too greasy as breakfast IMO.

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When I was studying at BLCU last year I had some baozi in the first break, and in the weekends xiaolongbao or jiaozi and tea at the tiny restaurant around the corner... I miss it...

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I generally don't each much for breakfast, it used to be one or two sandwiches and coffee (if i had any breakfast at all) but recently this changed to green tea, some fruits and a roll.

When i have enough time i like to cook thai style rice soup or thai style fried eggs, still have to find a chinese cookbook which contains breakfast recipes.

When i have a hangover, a cold pizza slice and a coke is all i need :)

Commonly people in mainland europe people have a lot of sandwiches or pre-fab bakeoff rolls from their oven. The like to cover them in jam or have different sorts of cheese with them. Hundred sorts of cheese, it's holland you know..

They also have them with several kinds of meat, sliced thin. Since i don't eat cow or pig meat this breakfast is quite boring for me ;) Also too much cheese get's you stinky feet.

Lately a lot of 'breakfast to go' products came to the market here. Generally a bottle or shake with fruitjuice or dairy and some grain which you can put in your bag and drink while riding the subway to work..i don't like these.

In june i will visit beijing (first time to china) and after reading this topic i'm really wondering what kind of breakfast i will be served :)

For lunch i often go to a chinese restaurant, which is very uncommon for dutch people, but i don't feel like eating bread all day..lately i'm being called a health freak.. :lol:

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Yes Sky you see you have to stop writing yourself off as boring when in fact you're obviously fascinating. I was worried for a moment, thinking that tsk was right, and your breakfast consisted of the dull 麥當勞 apology for scones, but it really is proper biscuits so that still leaves you an appropriate psychological study for geek-frappa.

Where's Quest getting 咸蛋超人 from? It's 鹹蛋超人! I know cos I've got the t-shirt (well owen has, ... and the trousers, and the underpants, and the water bottle, and the bookbag plate cup spoon and shoes (flashing)). Ultraman models: at the last count, he had 73, including some that walk, and talk. A boy obsessed.

The characters are so tacky, the special effects so bad, the plots so thin, the VCDs such poor quality you can hear the Japanese and Mandarin soundtracks at the same time, and he has nightmares about those bloody monsters. But I think he just wants to be Ultraman when he grows up.

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Congee 粥 is very easy, at its most simple, it's just rice and water (vary the amount of water depending on the consitency you like it) and simmer it for over an hour...Then add whatever you want, pork, preserved egg, peanuts, fish etc. Just do a search on the net for congee recipes.

In the past few years it's become even easier to cook, my rice cooker has a congee setting and there's a thing called a thermal cooking pot, that is an insulated cooking pot, that lots of people now use. With that, you just start cooking it on the stove, then put it it in the thermal cooking pot overnight, and when you wake up the next day, it's all done.

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