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can you use chicken broth instead of water for congee? also i sometimes put in a small slice of ginger when cooking...is this "authentic"?

You can make it out of anything, when he have roast duck sometimes we keep the bones to put in the water for congee etc.

Ginger we tend to add at the end as a garnish so it's still crunchy. But it's not like there's a Congee police who come round to check your recipes for authenticity.

Sometimes when we don't have time to go to China town to buy 油炸鬼/油条 I have been known to substitute ready made Yorkshire puddings, and cut them up to put in my congee. It works quite well...

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I have liked every kind of breakfest that I encountered yet ^^

Chinese stuff, (Has anyone been in SuZhou? 苏州早茶is really good :D Baozi, Dou Si, and what not...) and I think both northern and southern breakfast is really good!

American (Eggs and Bacon, Pancakes, Or just cereals, peanut butter jelly toastes ^^)

German (Müsli, Brötchen (are they called rolls in english? the "small" bread, Jam, Yoghurt, Milk, cheese, Chocolate cream.. )

Though I have to say, English Baked Beans are a bit gross IMO..

Ah, yeah, seems like people who studied at BLCU all had the small baozi there ^^ It was kind of a known secret again this summer - There was just too little time for the breakfast at the cafeteria (which did not offer you any choices..and the porridge was 98% water), soooo a can of Soy milk and 4 baozi to eat during the ten-minute-breaks...very good! It became famous ^^

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There's a breakfast store on my way to the bus stop, so every morning I get sange xiaolongbao, yi bei bing doujiang, daizou. It's so good to be in a place where you can have baozi for breakfast again :-)

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Great memories of breakfast, while in a 6-week stay in Beijing. Most mornings I bought two tea eggs and a couple of baozi -- and ate them under a bower in a Chinese garden on university property. You could hear the bustling city on the other side of a brick wall, but all was peaceful in the garden, the eggs were wonderful and the buns were warm and juicy. NO - soy milk! (Yuk) Ihappily had Folger's instant in my room.

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