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Vietnamese Name in Chinese Characters


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OK here are a few:

嘉雯 Gia Văn

嘉霖 Gia Lâm

嘉琪 Gia Kỳ

Nguyễn Thị Sơn - 阮氏山

陳宋川 - Trần Tống Xuyên

Nguyễn Thị Ngọc Trang - 阮氏玉妝

Trần Phạm Minh Kha - 陳范明珂

Lý Thị Thanh Hằng - 李氏青姮

Lê Kim Phụng Lan - 黎金鳳蘭

Huỳnh Chi Khang - 黃之康

Lam Tấn Quang - 藍晉光

Lam Tấn Thanh- 藍晉青

Chu Thế Mai - 周世梅

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Can you please help me with chữ nôm (Ancient Vietnamese) ??

I am looking for the chữ nôm characters for my name: Hải Ly

I am a girl and would love to get my name tattoo’d to respect to my heritage.

I am Half Chinese Half Vietnamese

In Vietnamese it is written as: Hải Ly

It is a mixture of Hai which is the Chinese word for “OCEAN

and Ly from the Vietnamese word Ly hương “TO LEAVE ONES HEARTLAND

Can anyone please help me get the chữ nôm characters for my name ??


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hi all,


I am seeking for your assistance in translating good friend's name from Vietnamese to Chinese.  Many thanks in advance!  I know he will be moving back home soon and would like to give him a present as a reminder of our friendship.   


His name is nguyễn hoài vĩnh


Using Google Translate, this is what i have figured out.  


nguyễn= 阮


hoài = this is where i get stuck.  based on our conversation, this means always or forever.  


vĩnh- is it 榮?  (as in vĩnh long)


As such, his name should be something like  阮___榮.  His parents gave him this name because they want him to always remember where he came from which is vinh long in Vietnam.  


If anyone can help me with this, it is greatly appreciated.  Many thanks.


Please email me at [email protected] 


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According to Wikipedia, the city of Vinh Long is 永隆 in Chinese. I think your friend's given name is probably 怀隆, 'remembering/missing [Vinh] Long'. Also check the lookup tool that Hofmann posted a few posts above yours.

The first character of 永隆/Vinh Long (the city) is 永 which means 'eternal, forever'.

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Thanks Lu for the assistance.  However, I am still very somewhat confused about the name and would like to seek for further clarification/assistance.


His last name is Nguyen which is definitely 阮

Middle name is Hoài as in forever remembering .... i stronly believe it is 怀

First name is Vĩnh - is it 榮 or 永 or ?


His parents named him Hoài Vĩnh to remind/remember where the family came from which is Vĩnh Long.  Based on this additionally information, can anyone help to translate his name to Chinese? 


Nguyen Hoài Vĩnh = 阮怀永 or 阮怀榮 or 阮怀___?


Please help!  I am trying to get the right translation of his name.  Your assistance is greatly appreciated.  Thanks

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Thank you so much Lu!  Your assistance is greatly appreciated.  This def means a lot to me.  To me, he is my best friend and will be going back home shortly and would like to give him a sentimenal present for his departure as a remembrance of our friendship.  so sad, just thinking about it.  =(

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