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風繼續吹 The wind blows on

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When I read this blog, it played this song, which is a cover version of the last song of Japanese superstar Yamaguchi Momoe. I didn't like the song much when it was first released (in 1983!!) but I like it better now. And because he was Leslie Cheung and he was lonelier than the fireworks, I post it here.


我勸你早點歸去 你說你不想歸去 只叫我抱着你

悠悠海風輕輕吹 冷卻了野火堆

我看見傷心的你 你說我怎捨得去 哭態也絕美

如何止哭 只得輕吻你髮邊

讓風繼續吹 不忍遠離 心裏極渴望希望留下伴着你

風繼續吹 不忍遠離 心裏亦有淚 不願流淚望着你

過去多少快樂記憶 何妨與你一起去追

要將憂鬱苦痛洗去 柔情蜜意我願記取

要強忍離情淚 未許它向下垂

愁如鎖 眉頭聚 別離淚始終要下垂

我已令你快樂 你也令我痴痴醉

你已在我心 不必再問記着誰

留住眼內每滴淚 為何仍斷續流默默垂


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Thanks for your recommendation, Skylee!

I was about to post something from 哥哥仔. :wink:

My PC seems to take a long time to download the video, so I will watch it later with my Mac.

DJ. K.

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