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"Snakes" in Chinese........

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Hello everyone,

I was wondering what "Snake" translated to in Chinese.

So i got a hold of a translator and this is what it gave me:

snake [sneik] 名 蛇;蛇一般的人;阴险[狡猾]的人

近义词: serpent; viper

snake-charming n. 玩蛇术

But i'm looking for "readable" chinese. Like a romaji equavilant in Chinese. If i remember right, i believe it's called pinyin?

Could anyone help?? Thanks!

Also, the translation for "goddess"(goddess ['g/o/ dis] 名 女神;绝代美女;受崇拜女性

)and "beauty"

(beauty ['bju:ti] 名 美;美人;优点

反义词: ugliness

beauty spot 风景胜地)

would be great!!

Thanks again!



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snake [sneik] 名 蛇;蛇一般的人;阴险[狡猾]的人

snake [sneik] ming2 she2;she2 yi1 ban1 de5 ren2;yin1 xian3[jiao3 hua2]de5 ren2

goddess ['g/o/ dis] 名 女神;绝代美女;受崇拜女性

goddess ['g/o/ dis] ming2 nv3 shen2;jue2 dai4 mei3 nv3;shou4 chong2 bai4 nv3 xing4

beauty ['bju:ti] 名 美;美人;优点

beauty ['bju:ti] ming2 mei3;mei3 ren2;you1 dian3

I converted this with HanConv, a useful little program. Unfortunately, their website seems to be down.

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Hey, thanks!

But i was wondering which of those i sould use?

Like which one is more colloquial? =)

oh, and i found that snake charmer is:耍蛇者

and the translation i got at this other site was:

Your PinYin Translation:

耍shua [蛇she;yi] 者zhe

So, how would i write "Snake Charmer" out? Shua She Zhe, Shua Yi Zhe, OR ,Shu She Yi Zhe??

OR is it Shua-Xi-She??!

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Ding Yiyi

[pop=person juggling snake/shuǎ shé zhě]耍蛇者[/pop] would be written as shuǎshézhě, or shua3she2zhe3. The accent marks are more fluid to read, but the numbers are easier to type so you'll see both.

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depending on what your purposes are:

Snake, as the animal: she 蛇

Goddess: nu (with an umlaut over the u) shen女神

A Beauty (as in a beautiful person): meiren 美人

beautiful (adj): mei or meili 美 or 美麗

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